Zonda Exchange Opens Tech Office in Denmark

Zonda, one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges in Eastern Europe, has opened an office in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. A group of developers led by CTO Jakob Lundqvist will be based out of Zonda’s new Danish headquarters. The company sees its growth in Eastern and Central Europe as a springboard to the rest of the world. This explains its decision to pay greater attention to the region. The subsequent step is to apply for new licenses to conduct business in the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Why is Zonda keen on expansion?

Zonda is on a mission to make cryptocurrencies more widely available. The company’s goal is to help its customers succeed by creating user-friendly products, educational programs, and regulatory frameworks. Zonda aspires to be one of Europe’s most technologically advanced and well-regulated exchanges. The company hopes that this will put its clients in a position of financial strength from which they may comfortably trade and spend.

With the launch of the new facility, Zonda is showing that it intends to make a name for itself in the crypto industry in Northern Europe, much like it has in Eastern and Central Europe. Chief Technology Officer Jacob Lundqvist says the new, state-of-the-art workplace is ideal for the company’s efforts to expand its technical horizons and create the tools it needs to compete on a global scale.

The company says that safety and security are at the forefront of its development plans. Therefore, the setting up of a tech office is a reflection of this aim. Its Danish branch, home to a highly competent group of technologists, puts the corporation in a position to finally realize these ideals.

The establishment of a new office in Denmark is only one of many important expansion initiatives that Zonda has recently undertaken. The company has also lately made a number of other significant breakthroughs, such as entering the Italian market and receiving a regulatory license to operate in Canada.