Zilliqa Price Prediction: Why $0.050 is the Next Price Level

In yesterday’s trading session, Zilliqa’s price surged by 5 percent to close the markets trading at $0.045. The surge started a resumption of the long-term bullish move, and in today’s trading session, the price is already up by 2 percent and looking likely to continue rising throughout the session.

In the past 24 hours, Zilliqa’s trading volume has gone up by 11 percent, bringing its total to $197 million. It has also continued to gain traction with potential customers following its latest partnership with blockchain game Alien Worlds. According to reports, the partnership with Alien Worlds will see Zilliqa expand its competitive blockchain games. 

The partnership will also see a growth in Zilliqa users since Alien Worlds has over 700,000 active monthly users. The partnership also aligns with Zilliqa’s plan to launch a new NFT game next year and a new blockchain platform. 

Zilliqa Price Analysis

Since June 19, Zilliqa’s price has been in an aggressive bullish move, which has seen its price surge by 50 percent. In today’s trading session, Zilliqa is continuing the bullish trend, and is already up by 2 percent. 

Looking at the chart below, we can also see the prices have broken out of the $0.045 resistance level. With price action showing a resumption of the strong bullish trend, my Zilliqa price prediction expects it to continue rising throughout the session. In the next few trading sessions, I also expect the long-term bullish move to continue, with a possible price level of $0.050 being hit. In addition, the $0.057 resistance level may also be hit if prices continue to move with the current momentum once Zilliqa starts trading above $0.050 price level.

However, if the price falls below yesterday’s price low of $0.041, my bullish analysis will be invalidated. It will also mean a possible, sideways market with prices trading between support and resistance levels of $0.038 and $0.045, respectively.

Zilliqa Daily Chart