WonderHero Reports Significant Growth and High Player Earnings

Play-to-earn game, WonderHero has revealed significant income levels, with players earning an average of $1,215 USDT over the last three weeks. That is significant, especially considering the current crypto market is on a four-month downtrend. Also, the game is relatively new in the market, having launched on January 26th, 2022. The game’s NFTs are the leading sources of income, with an NFT worth an average of $1,150. On the other hand, the game’s native tokens, $WND and $HON fetch an average of $3.27 USDT per day. The best earnings come from a combination of NFTs and tokens.

Being on mobile platforms has made it popular among many users. WonderHero has experienced strong user growth and currently has 54 guilds and 3,248 scholars. The game’s users are primarily from Brazil, the Philippines, the United States, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

The most valuable NFTs on WonderHero are weapon NFTs, with the most expensive one having fetched $2,000 USDT. Also, Hero Skin NFTs aren’t far behind, with the most expensive one having sold for $1,999 USDT. Additionally, equipment NFTs fetch decent prices, and the most expensive one goes for $400 USDT.

Meanwhile, WonderHero has also launched a player versus player (PvP) arena. That will allow players to face off against each other and compete for ranking. The PvP arena will see players in groups of 30 compete for the leaderboard weekly. Essentially, it is like a league, where top-ranked players qualify for promotion to the upper tier of the game the next week. Conversely, those ranking low get relegated to the lower tier. The higher you rank, the more rewards you earn. There are five ranks, with the lowest being Black Iron and the highest being Legendary.

About WonderHero

Launched in January 2022, WonderHero is a P2E mobile game where players battle and earn NFTs and in-game tokens. The game is the product of a team of experts from the Top 20 Crypto exchanges and over a decade of experience in gaming. The game has two tokens, $HON and $WND, with the former having 22.2 million tokens and the later 129,000. NFTs are an integral part of the game, and have a trading volume worth $2.5 million USDT. It is available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.