Walken Hits 2 million Move-to-Earn Users, to Add New Features

Two million people are now using Walken, a mobile app that enables users to earn money by walking. The app uses built-in motion sensors in common smartphones and wearables to record users’ daily step counts. After five months of open beta testing, Walken’s player base has grown significantly, with more than one million people signing up for the game by August 2022. This is substantial growth, especially considering that the crypto market has been in a long downturn.

The Walken mission and its growth drivers

When you have over 2 million registered users, you know there is a lot of curiosity about the dawn of user autonomy and decentralization. A celebration is in order, but rest assured that Walken’s team will go on regardless of the state of the cryptocurrency market. Walken was created by the same people behind Appyfurious and GetFit Apps with the goal of bridging the gap between active gaming and cryptocurrency.

Walken plans on releasing multiple new features and improvements in the near future. For starters, it has introduced an earning function called Walken Earn. Thanks to this new function, users will be able to stake $WLKN tokens on either fixed or variable terms, increasing the token’s utility and giving players more agency. You can also look forward to a diverse and entertaining experience with prizes via the Daily Tasks function.

Third, during the CAThlete Merge Event, players will be able to trade in two CAThletes for a single CAThlete that is guaranteed to be of a rarity higher than Common. Walken’s success may be traced back to the platform’s many CAThletes, user-friendly design, and low barrier to admission. For the ecosystem as a whole, Walken Runner is the first hyper-casual game. Within the next few months, there will be additional features as well as events. Also, Walken’s official social media sites will provide more details as they become available.