In this section, you will find important USDZAR news, actionable trading ideas, and a live USDZAR chart to help you understand how the South African Rand trades vs. the US Dollar.

USDZAR is the ticker symbol in fx markets that represents how many South African Rands you can buy with one US dollar. South African Rand is the legal tender of the Common Monetary Area which includes South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, and Namibia. The factors that affect USDZAR are the interest rates, the GDP growth, inflation, unemployment rates, balance of payments and other macroeconomic figures. The US Federal Reserve Bank and South African Central Bank are the two institutions that USDZAR traders follow in order to get an idea about the future moves of the pair.

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USDZAR Still Weak but a Key Support Level is Near

The USDZAR has continued to weaken as the greenback falls against global currencies but a key support level in the pair is close. The greenback has tumbled after a strong September rally with the resurgence of a second stimulus package, which was thought to be a longshot before the election. […]


USDZAR: South African Rand Rally Pauses on Risk Aversion

The USDZAR pair rose by more than 0.25% today as traders digested news that Donald Trump had contracted coronavirus. The pair is trading at 16.6430, which is higher than yesterday’s low of 16.54. In a statement earlier today, Donald Trump revealed that he had infected the Covid-19. Melania Trump, his […]


USDZAR: What Next for the South African Rand?

The USDZAR pair is little changed today as traders react to the relatively strong unemployment data from South Africa. The pair is trading at 17.08, which is in the same range it was yesterday. The South African rand is reacting to the relatively better-than-expected jobs numbers from South Africa. According […]

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USDZAR Rallies from Support and Higher Levels Look Likely

The USDZAR rallied strongly from support last week and the pair is now looking for another move higher. The dollar index saw another bounce last week and the economic calendar has potential for further volaility in the greenback. Wednesday brings the release of finalized GDP for the U.S. economy and […]


USDZAR: Can the South African Rand Maintain the Momentum?

The USDZAR is down for the second consecutive day. The pair is down by 0.55% a day after it fell by more than 0.60%. The South African rand has also gained against other currencies like the euro and sterling. Last week, the South African rand reversed gains and declined sharply […]


USDZAR: Dollar Rally Finally Takes Hold Versus the Rand

The USDZAR pair slumped recently despite a rally in the dollar index from lows not seen since 2018. An upbeat economic assessment from the Federal Reserve and a failure to clarify any further stimulus, whether from the central bank, or the federal government, saw a bounce in the dollar against […]


USDZAR: South African Rand Rally to Continue – Absa

The USDZAR is trading at the lowest level since March 2020 as investors react to positive sentiment about the South African rand. It is trading at 16.2028, which is a few pips above the day’s low of 16.2025. The USDZAR pair is reacting to the interest rate decisions by the […]


USDZAR: Here’s Why the South African Rand Just Clinched New High

The USDZAR pair slumped today as investors awaited the central bank decisions from South Africa and the United States. The South African rand strengthened as the market learned that the ruling ANC party had stalled the process of nationalising the central bank. The USDZAR declined sharply as the overall sentiment […]