In this section, you will find important USDZAR news, actionable trading ideas, and a live USDZAR chart to help you understand how the South African Rand trades vs. the US Dollar.

USDZAR is the ticker symbol in fx markets that represents how many South African Rands you can buy with one US dollar. South African Rand is the legal tender of the Common Monetary Area which includes South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, and Namibia. The factors that affect USDZAR are the interest rates, the GDP growth, inflation, unemployment rates, balance of payments and other macroeconomic figures. The US Federal Reserve Bank and South African Central Bank are the two institutions that USDZAR traders follow in order to get an idea about the future moves of the pair.

Live USDZAR Chart



USDZAR: Bets Rise for a 25 bps Rate Cut by SARB

The USDZAR gained ground this Thursday, as market players have started to price in the possibility of a rate cut by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). Analysts at NKC African Economics are pushing an outlook of a 25 bps rate cut on January 21, citing the need for an […]


USD/ZAR Signal: What’s Ahead for the South African Rand?

The USD/ZAR pair retreated yesterday even as the number of coronavirus cases continued to rise in South Africa. The pair is down by more than 2.60% since yesterday and is trading at 15.2272. What happened: South Africa has been battling a new strain of coronavirus that is spreading relatively faster. […]


USDZAR: Rand Shakes Off Dollar Rally to Regain Strength

The USDZAR is down 0.50% on Wednesday as the South African Rand bounces back from an early-week dollar rally. The greenback bounced as fears of further lockdowns came to the fore. The talk of a new virus variation in the U.K. saw 40 countries banning travel to the country and […]


USDZAR Holds 15.00 but the Bounce Lacks Strength

USDZAR was lower on the day by 0.8% as the pair struggles to see follow-through above the 15.00 support level. A two-day rally saw the US Dollar trading near 15.20 but the bears are back in control as the week gets underway.

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USD/ZAR: What Next for the Strong South African Rand?

The USD/ZAR pair is up slightly after mixed economic data from South Africa. It is trading at 15.03, which is slightly higher than yesterday’s low of 14.8686. Still, the South African rand is hovering at an 11-month high against the greenback. It has also risen by more than 20% against […]