In this section, you will find important USDCHF news, actionable trading ideas, and a live USDCHF chart to help you understand how the Swiss Franc trades vs. the US Dollar.

The USDCHF Forex pair is one of the most commonly traded pairs in the Forex market, presenting the sixth-largest volume worldwide according to a survey by the Bank for International Settlements. USDCHF also is known as Swissie between forex traders, is the ticker symbol in fx markets that represents how many Swiss Francs you can buy with one US dollar. The Swissie launched in 1850, has long been recognized as a safe-haven currency for international traders. This is because of the stability of the Swiss economy and the low inflation in the country. Switzerland is a major global banking center and that adds to CHF strength.

Live USDCHF Chart



USD/CHF: Focus on SNB’s Interest Rate Decision

USD/CHF is up by 0.05% at 0.9362 ahead of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) monetary policy meeting today. Analysts expect the central bank to maintain interest rates at the current -0.75%, which is the lowest globally. Even with the rates remaining unchanged, investors will be keen on the bank’s monetary […]


USD/CHF Forecast: A Pullback to 0.9183 Seems Possible

The USD/CHF price declined slightly in the overnight session as traders reacted to the signing of the American stimulus package and the Swiss economic forecast. The pair is trading at 0.9265, which is slightly below this week’s high of 0.9374. What happened: After weeks of debates, the House of Representatives […]

USDCHF Hits 5-Month Highs Ahead of Fed Chair Powell’s Speech

The USDCHF continues to march higher as it hits 5-month highs. Credit Suisse analysts are predicting that the 0.9296/0.9330 price level could be a new target if the pair can breach the 0.9195/0.9208 price resistance zone. The analysts are not ruling out a move towards the 0.9498/0.9546 price levels as […]


USD/CHF: What Next for the Swiss Franc?

The USD/CHF price rose today after the relatively disappointing Swiss consumer price index data and the overall strong US dollar. The USDCHF is trading at 0.8918, which is higher than this week’s low of 0.8882. Swiss CPI data: This week, we received mixed economic numbers from Switzerland. On Monday, the […]


USD/CHF Seen Above 0.9050 on Inversed Head and Shoulders Pattern

The week and month started with the USDCHF breaking higher. An inversed head and shoulders pattern that took over two months to form just ended with today’s breakout. The measured move points to 0.9050 and beyond, opening the gates for a sharp USD reversal across the FX dashboard. Because the […]