In this section, you will find important USDCHF news, actionable trading ideas, and a live USDCHF chart to help you understand how the Swiss Franc trades vs. the US Dollar.

The USDCHF Forex pair is one of the most commonly traded pairs in the Forex market, presenting the sixth-largest volume worldwide according to a survey by the Bank for International Settlements. USDCHF also is known as Swissie between forex traders, is the ticker symbol in fx markets that represents how many Swiss Francs you can buy with one US dollar. The Swissie launched in 1850, has long been recognized as a safe-haven currency for international traders. This is because of the stability of the Swiss economy and the low inflation in the country. Switzerland is a major global banking center and that adds to CHF strength.

Live USDCHF Chart


USDCHF – A Contrarian View for Courageous Traders

The USDCHF continues its descent, despite massive intervention from the Swiss National Bank (SNB). The SNB revealed recently that in 2020 its FX interventions surpassed the level in 2015 when it was forced to give up the EURCHF 1.20 exchange rate floor. Yet, the demand for CHF is surging, even […]

USDCHF: Three Reasons Why It Should Bounce Higher

The USDCHF looks like it had bottomed recently. The move lower to the 0.90 level was met only with buying orders. From both a technical and fundamental perspective, the pair looks poised to gain from here. The only thing that threatens the bullish perspective is the possibility that safe-haven currencies […]