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The USDCHF Forex pair is one of the most commonly traded pairs in the Forex market, presenting the sixth-largest volume worldwide according to a survey by the Bank for International Settlements. USDCHF also is known as Swissie between forex traders, is the ticker symbol in fx markets that represents how many Swiss Francs you can buy with one US dollar. The Swissie launched in 1850, has long been recognized as a safe-haven currency for international traders. This is because of the stability of the Swiss economy and the low inflation in the country. Switzerland is a major global banking center and that adds to CHF strength.

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USDCHF Hits Fresh 17-Month Lows On Weak ISM Manufacturing PMI

USDCHF sell-off continues for the third consecutive day on weak ISM manufacturing PMI. The U.S. ISM Manufacturing PMI came in at 50.1 below the market consensus of 50.5 in February. The ISM Manufacturing Prices Paid came in at 45.9, below the forecasts of 51. The ISM Manufacturing Employment Index registered [...]