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NZDUSD also is known as Kiwi between forex traders, is the ticker symbol in Forex markets that represents how many US dollars you can buy with one New Zealand Dollar. The price of the pair is affected by changes in both economies and could be affected by changes in monetary policy from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and FED. New Zealand is a dairy exports economy and the outlook and performance of that sector plays an important role in the value of NZD

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NZDUSD: 3 reasons why the kiwi clinched a new high today

The NZDUSD pair soared by more than 1.35% today, making the kiwi one of the best-performing currencies in the developed world. Let us look at the key reasons why the New Zealand is soaring today. Overall US dollar weakness The US dollar is relatively weak against key currencies today. The [...]

NZDUSD wavers as a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hits NZ

The NZDUSD was little changed as the market reacted to a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand. The pair is trading at 0.6096, which is close to where it ended the week. New Zealand confronts another crisis New Zealand has been praised for how it responded to the coronavirus pandemic....

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NZDUSD: New Zealand dollar slides as bells of a new trade war ring

The NZDUSD pair dropped sharply as the market continued to worry about the relationship between New Zealand and China. New Zealand fed with China The differences between China and New Zealand started when the latter advocated for Taiwan’s membership to the World Health Organisation (WHO). In a statement yesterday, China [...]