Taki Releases Beta Version of Its Token-Powered Platform

Taki, the token-powered social network, has announced its Beta release. This means that the platform is now available to all users and content providers, as well as those who choose to participate in the Beta. The Beta release includes new features that will improve the user experience, safety, and transparency. As a result of the termination of the waitlist, anyone interested in joining the platform can now easily sign up on the formerly invite-only platform.

Taki hopes to better engage its consumers through gamified social approaches with the start of the Beta phase. Users can earn additional $TAKI by doing simple daily tasks using this approach. Also, they can access Taki immediately and register their preferred username before anyone else does. Verification of a user on the platform will generate a $USERCOIN token.

How does Taki work?

Sharing content and engaging in conversation with other users on the Taki social network is all it takes to get a daily income on the token-powered social network. Also, it allows users to create their own custom digital currencies ($UCOIN) on their own terms. Using the $TAKI token, users can buy and sell a monetary representation of their social network, called a user currency. They can also monitor their coin’s performance and that of other $USERCOINS they’ve invested in real-time.

With Taki, creators have a greater sense of ownership and interaction than they have on other social media networks. That’s because actions like “liking,” “commenting,” and “posting” content all have monetary worth on the platform. Essentially, the platform focuses on providing a platform for value-creating content developers. Users have a more enjoyable time constructing their own unique token economies.

11 renowned global investors contributed $3.45 million to the company’s seed round. In the round were major crypto exchanges and investors like Alameda Research, CoinDCX and the Gemini Frontier Fund. Other participants included Huobi Ventures and the OKX Blockdream Fund. Also, Roka Works and Solana Ventures participated.