One to One Trading Coaching

One to One Trading Coaching

Most people know how to open a trade, but very few people know where to book profits and where to place stop-loss orders. More importantly, it usually takes years to master trading. Whatever your challenge, we can possibly save you years of trying to figure things out on your own, with our one-to-one coaching sessions.

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To get going is easy, you can buy coaching sessions directly on our site. We are available during London hours, and you can pay here to get going. You can also apply to free coaching sessions via our partner, the FCA regulated broker, ATFX. Their only requirement is that you open a real trading account with them to unlock two one-hour sessions.

  • 1-to-1 Coaching Online: Share screens and ideas
  • Learn from people that have been where you are
  • Save years from trying to figure things out on your own

  • Learn about entries, stop-loss, and take profit strategies
  • Talk about indicators, how to manage risk and more
  • A unique experience just for you

Who will be your mentor?

You can speak with one or several of our analysts. They have all different experiences and apply different techniques to trade the markets. You can learn more about them below, and also check out their author pages to get to know their trading and analysis style better.

Alejandro Zambrano

Alejandro Zambrano leads the team at, and before creating, he worked for FXCM and He was also the Chief Market Strategist at Amana Capital. Currently, he is the Chief Market Strategist at the FCA regulated broker ATFX.

He is an expert on trend trading and uses breakouts to enter the markets, but he is also an expert on retracements to figure out when to buy the dip. 

In 2006, he started trading Forex but has for more than ten years also traded stock market indices, commodities, and in the last few years cryptocurrencies. Most of his trading profits over the last few years have been in indices and commodities trading. 

He spent many years trading the London session open but has in the last few years switched to swing-trading. He is also the author of InvestingCube’s Premium Trading course. 

Read his articles.

Photo of Angeline Feliciano

Angeline Feliciano

Angeline has an extensive background in coaching. One of her primary roles with Learn to Trade was to coach beginners with the basics of forex trading.

She was also tasked to coach intermediate to advanced traders more complex trading concepts. Her expertise is in spotting trends, identifying potential entries by using the Fibonacci retracement tool, and understanding supply and demand zone with pinpointing support and resistance levels.

She is also well-versed in Fundamental Analysis that her previous company credits her for creating a Fundamentals-based course that has been adopted in its learning centres across the world.

She has also taught classes as big as 100 students covering both beginner and advanced topics. While she is flexible with the trading style her students adopt, she is stern in making sure that traders adhere to sound risk management rules.

Read her articles.

Nikolas Papas

Nikolas Papas has been in the finance industry for over fifteen years, in roles spanning across Europe and USA and has acquired in-depth knowledge and experience within many aspects of the financial markets.

Nikolas uses fundamental and technical analysis to navigate the markets and prefers trend following strategies.

Moving averages, the Relative Strength Index, On-balance Volume and the MACD are some of the tools he prefers to identify trends and spot the optimum entry and exit points. He closely follows the G7 central banks and market-moving market news, while in recent years dived into the cryptocurrencies space.

Nikolas has worked for some of Europe’s leading brokers, as an equity analyst, and a trader managing accounts for both private and corporate investors. You can click on his name above to read his free articles.

Read his articles.

Crispus Nyaga

Crispus Nyaga is a part-time trader, full-time financial analyst, and trading coach with more than eight years in the industry. He specializes in currency majors and minors, American equities, and commodities.

He started his trading career as a scalper, and then shifted his strategy to day trading and swing trading.

He primarily focuses on trend analysis using tools like Fibonacci retracements, pitchfork, and pitch fan. He also likes to identify chart patterns using candlestick analysis, Elliot wave, and cypher patterns.

Risk management has played an essential role in his trading career, and he uses low leverage and always set stops on his trades. Doing this has helped his account grow over the years.

He has been fortunate to coach more than 20 students on forex and CFD trading.

Read his articles.

Eno Eteng (MSTA)

Eno Eteng (MSTA, CFTe) is a certified financial technician and Member of the UK Society of Technical Analysts (STA UK). He specializes in FX and cryptocurrencies and options trading, and also provides financial trading education with more than a decade of experience under his belt.

He started off as a day trader, but has since switched to swing trading. He first described the use of the Fibonacci retracement tool and the modified Stochastics oscillator in 2011 when he was writing for ARG Markets, owners of a range of forex education websites. As a certified financial technician, he is also adept at the recognition and use of chart patterns and candlesticks in performing analyses for various assets. In the currency market, Eno has a special interest in exotic and emerging market currencies.

He also performs arbitrage trading on cryptocurrencies as well as provides strategies for trading of currencies and cryptocurrencies. He profited from a few ICOs in 2018 and is presently championing the setup of a regional cryptocurrency exchange. He is a strong proponent of trading what the charts give you, and not the hypes out there. He also believes in the regulation of cryptocurrency trading as the pathway to preserve market sanctity.

Apart from his trading experience and his expertise as a technical analyst, Eno is also a specialist in the analytics of trading results posted on 3rd party websites such as Myfxbook. If you want to know what results are real or fake and the overall performance of a trading system or expert advisor, Eno will look at the data behind the claims and say it as it is. So if you want a trader, technical analyst and trading performance analytics expert, you have them all in one person.

Read his articles.

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