Sweatcoin Price Prediction: What the Sept 12 Launch Means

On September 12, Sweatcoin will be launched in the markets and become available in most cryptocurrency exchanges. The move is poised to see the crypto, which as grown in popularity over the past few years, become tradable, and the over 100 million of its users be able to freely transfer and exchange their long-held digital assets on platforms of their choice.

The Sweatcoin platform has one of the major cryptocurrency projects that have been behind the growth of move-to-earn applications. Its awards its users with SWEAT tokens every time they run or exercise. These tokens can then be used on the platform, where users are awarded gifts that depend on the amount of tokens one has accrued during their time on the platform. This is achieved by using a mobile phone application that is able to count the number of steps that a user makes. These steps are then converted to tokens, which can then be exchanged in the platform.

In the past few weeks, the Sweatcoin platform has been preparing for its launch, with recent reports showing they raised $13 million as the launch deadline approaches. According to reports, Sweatcoin members who have Sweatcoins will see their digital assets matched with equal SWEAT tokens after the project is launched. 

Sweat Price Prediction

The much-anticipated launch will see over 100 million Sweatcoin users being able to transact their earnings. Therefore, despite the crypto not having value as of now, holders of Sweatcoins, in less than a month, will be able to trade and transact with their assets when Sweatcoins are made readily available. 

However, even with the launch of Sweatcoin nearing, there is a high likelihood that holdings will not be worth much. My speculation indicates that Sweatcoin’s initial price will be below the $0.001 price level. Part of the reason for this is due to the high number of digital assets already in circulation. I also anticipate the crypto to drop fast once it is launched, as most people will be looking to offload it. Therefore, holders should be prepared for a swing to the downside.