Splinterlands Raises the Stakes for Its Land Tokens With Phase 0.5

The developers of Splinterlands, a blockchain-based fantasy video game, have announced that the game will enter Phase 0.5 on December 13th, marking the introduction of the game’s land infrastructure. After the initial land plot auction in 2021, the game’s players are finally being introduced to their land in Phase 0.5. Players who have already purchased Land Claims can exchange them for Land Deeds in this phase of the game.

What Phase 0.5 brings to Splinterlands

After the release of 0.5, players will be able to trade in and out of Wax, purchase and sell Land Claims and Land Deeds. Also, they will be able to create Land Deed NFTs by redeeming Plot, Tract, and Region claim tokens. In addition, landowners will now have the ability to view the location of their unsurveyed land within the context of the game. Furthermore, surveys and new land characteristics are scheduled for 2023.

The other major features that players of Splinterlands may expect in 2023 are the ability to manage their property, add agricultural “totems” to improve resource production and make things that can be utilized to advance themselves in the game. The upgrade to Phase 0.5 ushers players into the truly immersive phase of the Splinterlands experience.

Splinterlands is a blockchain-based battlefield game set in a fantasy realm where players can acquire, store, and sell virtual goods while competing for real-world rewards. The game’s dedicated player base will enjoy the extensive character customization that will be included in the upcoming land expansion.

In spite of the crypto winter, the company continues to make significant headway in terms of its expansion and income. In addition to its over 3 billion battles, the game also boasts over 2.4 million members, 1 million active wallets, and 3-5 million daily blockchain transactions. These are significant indicators of strong growth prospects in the coming days.