SPACE Taps Top Talent As It Expands Its VR-Based Commerce

VR commerce company SPACE Metaverse, has introduced an exciting new team of employees. The talent-rich team will spearhead its growth and development in the coming years. The move comes at a time when the company is experiencing tremendous growth. More than 15,000 people have already signed up for the company’s commerce metaverse. This figure is laudable, considering it launched less than eight weeks ago.

SPACE’s new hires will bring together their knowledge in blockchain, product development, and collaborations to ensure the company’s products are of the highest quality. The team will focus on developing  SPACE’s products and solutions. These include tools for metaverse users to build their own virtual spaces like stores and other venues. It will also integrate payment processing.

The company entrusts its team of premier game developers and cryptocurrency payment providers to lead it to its next big milestones.

Among those hired is Call of Duty co-founder Chance Glasco, who will be in charge of product strategy. Felix Mago, a former co-founder of Dash NEXT, is the new Blockchain lead. Also joining the team is  Antonio Molina, from CD Projekt RED. He will be the product lead and brings extensive experience in the game development and production fields.

These high-profile hires from the gaming industry show how gaming and business are becoming increasingly intertwined in these new virtual realms.

SPACE founder and CEO Batis Samadian stated, “SPACE was started by a group that brought together experience from top VR, crypto, and e-commerce projects. This strong team, and 360 degrees experience, allowed us to ship products and grow in just six months.”

We expect to have more big team announcements in the coming months.”

SPACE founder and CEO Batis Samadian

Space announced on December 22 that it had raised $7 million in funding from strategic partners. They included prominent blockchain VC funds such as Dapper Labs, LD Capital, Ghaf Investments, and Animoca Brands, among others.


SPACE Metaverse was founded in 2021. It provides specialized virtual rooms for consumers and businesses to sell their products and services by connecting disconnected virtual spaces on different blockchains.

Spanning multiple worlds, SPACE facilitates the creation of immersive commercial space free of physical or technological constraints. It’s the glue that holds the numerous metaverses together, connecting them all into a single trading platform.

Space aims to create a metaverse for e-commerce that provides consumers with a seamless and straightforward shopping and event-attending experience, all while incorporating fun social features as well as gamification.