Polkadot Price Prediction: How Partnerships Continue to Strengthen DOT

Throughout the year, the Polkadot price has been consistent in falling. Today, the strong and aggressive bearish trend looks to be continuing, with prices dropping by a percentage point. The trend also looks likely to continue throughout the session, and we may see prices drop further. 

Despite the recent drop, Polkadot has been making moves in the markets that position it as a worthy competitor. This includes the latest announcement by Revolut that they have launched a crypto educational tool on the Polkadot network. The educational tool is aimed at making the cryptocurrency industry easy to understand. 

Revolut will offer two courses. In one of the courses, users will be able to learn about the crypto basics course. The second course will be on Polkadot and the new blockchains. The good news about participating in this course is that it is free. In fact, Revolut has sweetened the offer for learners by indicating that they will pay students up to $15 after completing the course and taking quizzes on it. 

Learners also have another thing to celebrate: simplifying the learning process. According to Revolut, the courses will be easy to understand. Learning the basics will also help new users get into the cryptocurrency industry. 

The move to partner or have platforms launch on the network is poised to have Polkadot gain traction with users. It is also a good sign of trust in the Polkadot system and evidence that the platform is still among the leading blockchain technologies in the industry.

Polkadot Price Prediction

Today’s trading session is continuing with a long-term trend that has seen the Polkadot price drop by 9 per cent in July. However, looking at the chart below, it also looks like July is continuing the strong and aggressive trend we saw in June when prices dropped by 31 per cent. 

Therefore, my Polkadot price prediction expects the prices to continue dropping. There is a high likelihood that we will see prices trading below the $6.3 support level. If there is enough momentum, I also expect the prices to trade below the $5 price level in the next few trading sessions. 

However, my analysis will be invalidated if prices trade above yesterday’s opening price of $6.8. At that point, a bullish trend will have been established.

Polkadot Daily Chart

Polkadot price prediction