Pi Coin Price Prediction: When is the Launch?

The idea of mining cryptocurrencies using a mobile phone was revolutionary and drew many to the Pi Coin network. The result has been more than 29 million active Pi Coin network users and one of the largest cryptocurrency communities.

However, even with the project’s traction and buzz, the token is yet to hit the market. Information about when the cryptocurrency will be available for traders is also shared scarcely with its users. Despite all these, the number of users on the platform continues to grow with each passing day.

How Much is Pi Coin RIght Now?

The Pi Coin network remains one of the most popular projects that are yet to be launched. With its almost 30 million active users, many continue to speculate that the cryptocurrency is worth between $1 to $10. Others have even speculated that the cryptocurrency may be worth more than that.

However, the true value of the cryptocurrency is not known for now. The project, whose goal is to ensure that people left behind in the first wave of cryptocurrency can mine their own, currently has no value. There are millions of people around the world who hold the cryptocurrency through mining on their phones. Unless the project is launched and starts trading in exchanges, the people holding the crypto will never know its true value.

Therefore, at this stage, the value of Pi is hard to speculate. It is also likely that we may never know the true value of Pi. It is also highly likely that the project will continue running without ever getting launched.

Pi Coin Price Prediction

On 29 December 2021, Pi Network launched its mainnet. There were speculations that the project would start trading in exchanges by the second half of 2022. However, this plan does not look likely to materialize.

While there have been efforts to bring the project to fruition, predicting its price before launch is hard. It is also likely that the project will plummet once launched due to its high number of users who will be looking to cash in on the project.