Pi Coin Price Prediction: What is it Really Worth

The Pi Coin community continues to remain hopeful that soon, the Pi Coin network will be launched, and their holdings will be worth something. However, today, the Pi Coin’s price is still unknown, and the date of launch continues to be postponed. 

Since its launch in 2019, the Pi coin has continued to gain traction, with most traders seeing it as the gateway to getting into the cryptocurrency industry. For starters, Pi Coin has one of the easiest platforms for people to mine. Everyone with a smartphone can start mining Pi Coins. They will only need to download the Pi Network app and then start mining on their phones. 

However, with the growing popularity of the Pi Coin, it has also come under scrutiny, with some indicating that it has all the signs of a pyramid scheme. Today, with over 30 million active users, many critics of the platform see Pi Coin as a platform whose main goal is to collect as much data as possible from its users as possible. 

Others argue that the chances of monetization for the platform with such a huge following is high. Considering that, unlike other cryptocurrencies, which can be bought and sold in either centralized or decentralized exchanges, the lack of trading activity of the crypto and its existence has been used to support future monetization.

However, supporters of the platform still remain hopeful that, in due time, the project will be launched. Most also argue that the platform does not ask for money when registering, the process of mining crypto is cheap and energy efficient, and there have never been reports to indicate Pi coin uses their data for any other reason than to keep accounts of its owners. 

Pi Coin Price Prediction

Today, Pi Coin remains worthless. Since most of its data is private, there is no way of speculating what its price will be in the future. The crypto is also not traded by any major centralized or decentralized exchanges. 

Therefore, as long as Pi Coin remains untradable, its value will continue to remain worthless. There are also no signs of a planned launch of the project. Therefore, investors looking to get into Pi Coin must be careful of people offering them their digital assets.