Pi Coin Price Prediction: How Much Would Pi Be Worth Today?

Despite people not being able to trade the Pi coin cryptocurrency, interest in the cryptocurrency still remains high, with an estimated 30 million active monthly users. The project has also revolutionalized the way cryptocurrencies are mined by reducing the power required to a level where a mobile phone can mine tokens. 

Despite its growth, the project has also come under scrutiny. Since 2018, when the project came into existence, holders of Pi Coin can still not trade it or exchange it with other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, its true value remains worthless. This has been very frustrating for miners and holders who have been with the project for years, yet they have not seen their efforts and time invested in the project compensated. 

There secrecy nature of when the project will be available in other exchanges has also been frustrating. Early this year, reports that Pi Coin would be launched in the second half of 2022 started to swell. However, fast forward to the year’s second half, and the reports are no longer as rampant. There is also no official communication on when users can expect the crypto to be launched. 

However, although the project has been accused of being a scam and a Ponzi scheme, the evidence presented has been weak. For starters, the project does not require users to put their money in order to earn. Therefore, the chances of stealing clients’ money are minimal. Also, mined coins cannot be stolen by creators because, as it stands now, they are worthless and would not have anywhere to sell them. 

Pi Coin Price Prediction

The Pi Coin price remains worthless as of press time. The tokens cannot be traded on any exchange platform. Pi Coin can also not be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies.

Until the project is launched and becomes tradable in exchanges, the Pi Coin price will remain worthless. However, my speculation is, that it was launched today, and it would trade below $0.001 price level due to the high volume of tokens already in circulation.