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Pi Coin Price Prediction As The Base Pi Network Mining Rate Adjusts

Pi coin price prediction remains one of the most interesting debates among crypto enthusiasts. Despite many veteran analysts not even considering Pi Network a cryptocurrency, the project keeps getting backed by a strong community. Let’s have a look at the latest developments in the Pi ecosystem.

Pi Network is one of the most controversial topics among new and veteran crypto investors. While the new crypto investors are bullish on the project, many industry experts still think that it’s just a fad. However, some of the concerns appear to be quite legit as the project hasn’t even fully launched its blockchain yet.

Pi Network Mining Rate Adjusts On July 1

One of the unique features of Pi Network, which really sets it apart from other crypto projects, is its mining mechanism. Every day millions of users log in to their apps to mine Pi coins. This is different than other blockchains, where users need to provide significant computation in order to mine new coins.

However, it is still too early to predict the Pi coin price as the network remains in an enclosed mainnet. The current value of Pi coin in the peer-to-peer and secondary markets is very volatile, and it might not be a good idea to sell your Pi coins too soon. The Pi coin base mining rate adjusts every month and has recently adjusted on July 1.

Pi Coin Price Prediction After Mainnet Launch

Once the Pi mainnet launches, Pi coins will be minted on the new blockchain. This will be the real cryptocurrency, as the current balance on your Pi Network app is just a number. This will also enable the team to get the coin listed on major crypto exchanges for trading.

Pi coin price prediction depends on the quality of the product that the team rolls out. If Pi blockchain ends up being just like any other blockchain, then growth might be limited in the long term. However, if the project includes some unique features, community interest may significantly increase, which will be bullish for the Pi coin.

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