Ocado Share Price Analysis and a Look at its Upcoming Half Year Report

Ocado’s share price is likely to be impacted by this week’s half-year financial report. The half-year report comes at a time when Ocado’s share price is in a strong bearish trend. Last week, it lost 12 per cent of its value. Although this week has started strongly, there is also a high likelihood that we may see prices drop between now and Thursday, when the half-year financial report will be read and possibly change the direction of the stock.

Half Year Financial Report

One lingering question for most investors is what will happen from this week’s half-year results. Throughout the year, Ocado’s share price has traded downwards, losing over 50 per cent of its value. The company has also been under pressure to become profitable, with past results showing the company has continually made losses.

In this year’s half-year results, there is a high likelihood that the company will still be in the red. However, the focus will not be on whether it has been profitable throughout the first half of the year. In my view, the half-year results will mostly focus on how the company has responded to the growing inflation rates and the rising cost of living across the UK.

One of the reasons why, in my opinion, we might see the prices recover following the half-year financial reports is its huge investor base. A month ago, the company was able to raise £578 million, and such data will likely raise the share price.

Ocado Share Price Prediction

Based on the information laid out above, my Ocado share price prediction for the next few trading sessions expects a bull move. There is a high likelihood that on Thursday, when the half-year report is released, we will see share prices spike.

Therefore, I expect the prices to trade above 850p again. There is a high likelihood, depending on the financial report, that we may see prices trading above 900p soon. My analysis will, however, be invalidated if Thursday’s data is not as positive as I have indicated above. In that case, expect share prices to stagnate or trade downwards.

Ocado Daily Chart