MonkeyLeague Unveils Paulo Dybala as Brand Ambassador

MonkeyLeague, a Web3 soccer game, has just signed Paulo Dybala of AS Roma as a brand ambassador. Paulo will lead several upcoming comarketing and promotional initiatives for MonkeyLeague in his role as brand ambassador. Also, his likeness will be in the game as an official licensed NFT, and he will playtest the game before its much-anticipated release.

MonkeyLeague’s strategy for reaching the masses

Starting in the fourth quarter of 2022, players of the web3 strategy soccer game MonkeyLeague, which is hosted on the Solana network, can expect to see the first versions of the game made available for download.

The primary form of compensation for players’ efforts is $MBS, which they may earn through gameplay. Also, as their income grows, so does their status, allowing them to earn even more as they move up the professional ranks. The company is employing strategic partnerships and high-quality, entertaining Web3 games to promote the game among the masses.

According to MonkeyLeague, Paulo’s desire to succeed, his commitment, and his champion mentality made him the ideal candidate to represent the company internationally. Limited edition MonkeyAthletes and Stadiums will be among the forthcoming NFT drops on which MonkeyLeague and Paulo will work together.

Furthermore, Paulo will feature prominently in one of the forthcoming breeding season. This feature allows owners of Monkey NFTs to breed their Monkeys in order to develop new MonkeyAthlete NFTs for the gaming franchise.

Paulo stated the following concerning the partnership: “With a deep appreciation of gaming, esports, and champion teams, I am excited to partner with MonkeyLeague, a leader in Web3 esports gaming. Together, we will bring MonkeyLeague and Web3 esports to the masses.”

Newborn Monkeys raised during the Paulo Dybala period will display random Dybala characteristics. The latest partnership has come only a few weeks since MonkeyLeague, a Web3 soccer game, announced its first major pro football collaboration with AC Milan, the current champions of Italy’s Serie A. AC Milan will join Paulo in playtesting the game, collaborating on the design of game assets, sponsoring esports tournaments, and taking part in co-marketing initiatives.