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MicroStrategy Issues New Debt to Buy More Bitcoin

MicroStrategy is no shy in making its bullish views on Bitcoin. The CEO, Michael Saylor, has recently become a Bitcoin advocate, a personality at the Bitcoin Festival that just ended last weekend.

But many fear that MicroStrategy has a concentrated bet, a unidirectional bet on Bitcoin. The recent announcement that it is raising new debt at an eye-watering 6.25% yield is supposed to attract a lot of interest from the financial community. After all, with government interest rates so depressed, the 6.25% yield on the $500 million corporate notes is tempting, especially that MicroStrategy is a publicly listed company on Nasdaq.

Yet, problems do exist. Since converting its Treasury from fiat to Bitcoin, MicroStrategy raised over 90,000 coins as assets for its shareholders. These are, however, digital assets in a company that is a low grower corporation with revenues generating less than $100 million/year.

In other words, the core business cannot sustain a further decline in Bitcoin’s price. If Bitcoin, say, falls below $20k, the problems mount for MicroStrategy’s solvency and liquidity position.

MicroStrategy Technical Analysis Strongly Dependent on Bitcoin’s Price

The share price declined together with the Bitcoin price – unsurprisingly, considering its Bitcoin’s exposure.  Only a move above $800 would change the bearish case, but such a move would only come if the Bitcoin price reverses the recent losses.

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