Mircea Vasiu
Mircea Vasiu
Mircea, MBA in International Business graduating Magna Cum Laudae, trades for a living and contributes to various financial publications for more than six years. He writes about macroeconomics, stock indices, currencies, and most recently ETFs and individual stocks. For the past decade, he’s involved in everything trading related, mostly in the currency market, both with manual and algorithmic trading.


Dax Index Ready for a Breakout – Bullish or Bearish?

Dax index remains well bid while it keeps an eye on the 14,000 level. At this point in time, both bulls and bears may have a case, as Dax decouples a bit from what happens with the United States stock market. Yesterday’s move lower in the U.S. stocks due to […]


AUD/USD Rising Wedge Completed – 0.70 Next Target

The AUD/USD pair broke the 2-4 trendline of a rising wedge – a wedge that started last April. From that moment on, the pair, together with the U.S. stock market moved hand in hand, making new highs. The breakout poses some challenges to the bullish thesis. Unless the pair has […]

Dow Jones

Nasdaq 100 at Dynamic Support – Will It Bounce?

The Nasdaq 100 index is the weakest among its peers this week, as the tech sector is on a bearish path. It closed lower over 2% yesterday, and the decline triggered a bid in the dollar too. The rising long yields in the United States are a problem for stock […]


AUD/USD At Resistance, Head and Shoulders Points to Weakness

The AUD/USD pair is currently at horizontal resistance given by the right shoulder of a head and shoulders pattern. The market is resilient despite the recent weakness in U.S. stocks, especially in the tech sector. While the Nasdaq 100 and other U.S. indices corrected yesterday, the move lower in the […]

Gold prices

Gold Price: On Its Way to $1,560

Gold price looks bearish as bearish can be as it keeps forming lower lows without able to bounce significantly. Investors keep exiting the precious metal as the bullish dollar narrative gains traction on the back of higher long-term yields in the United States. What is curious here is that the […]


USD/CAD – Two Patterns Signal More Upside Potential

The USD/CAD pair is one of the hardest-hit pairs this 2021. The move higher in the crude oil price triggered a strong CAD reaction, and the USDCAD dropped several big figures. Now that the price of oil is consolidating and the USD shows some signs of strength, the USD/CAD struggles […]


Dax Index Back at 14,100 – Bullish Break or Triple Top?

Dax Index had a strong bounce from Friday’s laws as it climbed all the way back to the key resistance area at 14,100. A daily close above this area should be bullish medium to long term because the Dax may have formed an ascending triangle. However, without such a break, […]

EUR/JPY: Bearish to 125 As the ECB Prepares to Ease More

The EUR/JPY cross pair looks bearish here, both from a technical and fundamental perspective. On the one hand, the technical picture reveals a downward channel and a head and shoulders pattern. On the other hand, the fundamental picture tells us that the ECB will increase the asset purchases under the […]