Mircea Vasiu
Mircea Vasiu
Mircea, MBA in International Business graduating Magna Cum Laudae, trades for a living and contributes to various financial publications for more than six years. He writes about macroeconomics, stock indices, currencies, and most recently ETFs and individual stocks. For the past decade, he’s involved in everything trading related, mostly in the currency market, both with manual and algorithmic trading.


EURCHF Back Above 1.08 – Here’s Why It Should Move Lower

The EURCHF is one of the most interesting currency pairs part of the FX dashboard. Ever since the Swiss National Bank (SNB) dropped the exchange rate floor from the 1.20 level in January 2015, the pair gained worldwide fame. Even today, more than five years after the event, it acts […]

EURJPY: Bearish Flag Points to Another Leg Lower Towards 120

The EURJPY pair dropped from 127 area to 122 on the back of a mix of technical and fundamental factors. On the technical side, the pair formed a triple top difficult to ignore by technical traders. On the fundamental side, Shinzo Abe’s resignation and the change in leadership in Japan […]


USDCAD Reversal In Place – Can It Rise More?

The USDCAD pair is one of the best performers this September. It rose from 1.30 to almost 1.35 after forming an inversed head and shoulders pattern. The reversal pattern acted like a textbook one – similar consolidation on the left and right shoulders, then the price heading for the measured […]


GBPUSD Bullish Divergence Calls for a Move Back to 1.30

The GBPUSD pair forms a bullish divergence against the RSI on the 4h chart and eyes a move back to the 1.30. This week’s developments helped the pair reversing some of its recent losses, as Bank of England’s Governor softened the negative rates remark and the PMIs printed above the […]

USDJPY Bullish Setup Confirms the DXY Reversal

The USDJPY pair forms a contracting triangle as a reversal pattern that typically appears at the end of long trends. In this case, the bearish trend seen for the last four years seems to be challenged. Moreover, a double bottom formation ahead of the U.S. elections further fuels bullish scenarios. […]