Market Maker and VC Firm DWF Labs Opens Office in Korea

DWF Labs, a Web3 venture financing firm, a market maker, and a liquidity provider has announced the opening of an office in Seoul, South Korea. The company, which already has outposts in Singapore, Dubai, and the British Virgin Islands, will now have a fifth international presence with the opening of this office.

The company announced that the opening of its new office in Korea will support its aspirations to expand into Asia and provide more investment opportunities, market making services, and over-the-counter (OTC) solutions to the region.

So, why is DWF Labs so interested in the Asian market?

With the opening of this new location, DWF Labs hopes to further solidify its position as a leading provider of market making services and liquidity in the Asia-Pacific area. Asian web3 ecosystem remains robust despite poor cryptocurrency market performance over the previous 10 months.

The number of initiatives emphasizing product development and improvement has increased significantly, especially in South Korea. As a result, the business is eager to use this to boost expansion.  Also, the fact that the company has three of its five offices in the wider Asian region is proof of its sharp focus on that market.

Angus Chung, DWF Labs’s representative in Korea, says that the Korean market is among Asia’s most dynamic. Therefore, this makes incorporating the Korean company and opening the new office in Seoul quite exciting for DWF Labs. Harvey Kim, who serves as Head of Regional Sales Korea for Market Making & Investments, will be in charge of running the company’s new office in Korea.

For Web3 businesses, DWF Labs offers a variety of services, including market making, secondary market investments, early-stage investments, OTC trading, and token listing and advice services. Also, it has provided funding, liquidity, and market making for more than 50 web3 initiatives to date.