Lucky Block Price Prediction: LBlock Struggles a Month after Launch

Lucky Block prices have in today’s trading session dropped by more than five per cent. The cryptocurrency also lost 13 per cent of its value in April. However, looking at the year-to-date data, Lucky block has gained 109 per cent in the markets. This is partly due to its latest launch and pre-sale surge, which saw investors and speculators come into the market, making Lucky Block bullish.

At its core, Lucky Block envisions a world where the lottery runs on the Blockchain protocols that operate on the Binance smart chain. The company also prides itself on being among the first to look at the lottery industry differently. According to their platform, Lucky Block will bring fairness to the betting industry, making users have better winning odds. They also promise transparency while still providing better investment opportunities for its investors and token holders.

Luckyblock has developed a system that allows for fast or instant price pay-outs to gain an edge in the lottery market regardless of the win size. Players using the platform are also assured of a proper transaction record. Distributed ledger technologies also ensure that transactions are recorded accurately and fast. They have also promised to lower cost per lottery, and margin operations, allowing users to partake in lotteries tailored for their risk appetite.

Lucky Block Price Prediction

Lucky Block is still in its early stages after it was launched this year for trading in exchanges. Before then, most trading had been done through pre-sales. However, looking at the past few days of data, the cryptocurrency is currently on a downward trend. Moreover, in today’s trading session, the downward trend looks poised to continue with the current loss of more than five per cent.

Currently trading at $0.00179, it is possible that Lucky Block will continue with the downward trend with a likey price trading of below $0.0015 psychological level in the coming days. With its low trading volume of less than $600,000 per day, the prices will likely continue trading downwards. However, this may change if the cryptocurrency gains traction and more users start adopting the cryptocurrency.