Layer-2 scaling Solution Boba Network Integrates Customized Etherscan

Boba Network has collaborated with Etherscan to create a Boba-centric version of the renowned EVM blockchain explorer. Codenamed Bobascan, it will provide Boba Network users access to the same analytical tools that Ethereum users have. The functionalities include “verified contracts”, which allows teams to load their contract’s source code. The code is then compared to the bytecode released at a specific address.

What the Etherscan integration brings to Boba Network

Because to its use of Etherscan, the blockchain-based Hybrid Compute platform, Boba Network, now has transaction speeds faster than Ethereum and fees that are up to 60 times lower. When it comes to blockchain analytics, Etherscan is the go-to source for all things Ethereum. EVM-based tools and multichain support for Moonbeam and Fantom are completely compatible with Boba Network’s current deployment. It intends to leverage the potential of rollup technology to enable more flexible blockchain processing.

Ino Murko, Engineering Manager,, stated, “With improved search and navigation, and core tooling such as contract verification, API access, and improved proxy contract interaction, Bobascan just took the Boba builder experience to another level.”

Using Bobascan, users may verify that the code they’re working with is functioning as expected. To read blockchain data, developers will also have access to Bobascan’s application programming interfaces (APIs). These tools are ideal for less mission-critical applications since they provide an effective alternative to native tools that directly index node data.

Bobascan also includes extra, much-needed features, such as Proxy analysis, which is a big plus. It delegates all transactions to an “implementation contract” using proxy contracts, which are upgradeable programs. It is critical to ensure that everyone has equal access to the information contained in smart contracts. This is what Boba Network has achieved with the Etherscan integration. By gradually unlocking rollup technology’s full potential, Boba aspires for more flexible blockchain processing.