Kyoko In Multiple DAO Partnerships,Set to Launch A Lending Product, a cross-chain GameFi NFT lending market and DAO-to-DAO loan provider, has formed strategic agreements with nine new DAOs. Additionally, it has established partnerships with multiple play-to-earn (P2E) games. Among these games are DoubleDice and Doragon Land. Also, plans for an ‘INO’, or Initial NFT Launch, are in the works for Kyoko. To date, the Kyoko Pawn series consists of 1,000 different NFTs. Each of them have their own set of perks. The face value of each Pawn is $20,000 and holders can redeem them for that amount one year after issuing. A total of $400,000 in current market value, or 2 million $KYOKO tokens, will be distributed equally across all Pawn holders upon redemption.

Kyoko’s list of partners now includes YGGSEA, SweeperDAO, BlockchainSpace, and Lootex, all of which have solid reputations. Also, Kyoko’s web3 project is on track to deploy its unique DAO-to-DAO lending services and P2P NFT lending platform on April 25, 2022. Consequently, its momentum in business expansion and partnerships is off to a great start. Kyoko is having a great time right now.” Kyoko Head of Investor Relations and Business Development Steve Hopkins remarked. “We’re expanding our list of partners and completing record fundraising as we approach our DAO-to-DAO lending services and NFT lending platform release,” he added.  

Counting on accelerated growth program

Aside from its increasing partnership program, the Kyoko team recently completed a $300,000 public sale . The sale happened through an Initial Dex Offering, Initial Voucher Offering, and Initial Exchange Offering. The project is currently valued at about $7.4 million.

The owners of pawns will be enjoy exclusive investment options in emerging DAOs that are eligible to participate in Kyoko’s DAO-to-DAO lending services in the future. As of the time of publishing, nearly 40 percent of the collection had been purchased through secondary markets where pawns are freely available for purchase. You can get Kyoko Pawns from

Additional information on Kyoko Pawn NFT collection will be out in the coming days. As it gets ready to launch its DAO-to-DAO lending and P2P NFT lending services on April 25, the project is actively seeking partnerships with guilds, games, and other ecosystem partners. If you are want a piece of the action from the platform’ s offerings, you can contact [email protected] or join the Kyoko community on to learn more.

About Kyoko

Kyoko is a cross-chain GameFi NFT lending market for guilds and players that provides DAO-to-DAO loans. One of Kyoko’s primary goals in the GameFi market is promoting the advancement of web3 development. It hopes to do this through DAO to DAO, guild to guild, P2P NFT lending and cross-chain asset lending platforms. As part of its metaverse, guilds will be able to showcase their progress and other achievements. Also, players will be able to engage with one another in a virtual environment. They will be able to customize, build and even sell items in this virtual world .