KuCoin Ventures Invests $1 Million In Web3 Gamie Developer, SakuraVerse

Gaming platform, SakuraVerse will get a $1 million investment from KuCoin Ventures, the cryptocurrency exchange’s investment arm. SakuraVerse, a web3 game platform that produces and incubates web3 games, is the first startup supported by KuCoin’s $100 million Creators Fund. The project will use the money to support its mission of helping speed up the world’s transition to the Metaverse through the power of its platform. Money from the investment will be used for team expansion, platform development and supporting the development of popular IP games.

SakuraVerse is driving toward its goal of making blockchain gaming more enjoyable for gamers by creating a decentralized architecture and integrating social features. Among its key achievements, the initiative has racked up more than 40 million players to this point. Its success story is partly due to the fact that it has access to a wealth of intellectual property and celebrity resources and an extensive blockchain knowledge pool.

What’s in the pipeline?

To link gamers worldwide, SakuraVerse will develop a large-scale gaming platform in the coming months. In addition, in conjunction with the Qatar World Cup, the platform intends to produce a soccer simulation game centered around the forthcoming World Cup. As a result, it plans to take this occasion to showcase its skills to the emerging markets of blockchain.

With the $100 million Innovators Fund, KuCoin hopes to assist young artists in showcasing their abilities to the world. Additionally, it is promoting the establishment of an open, free, equitable, and decentralized marketplace for NFTs.

Justin Chou, the Chief Investment Officer of KuCoin Venture, said, “We believe that the SakuraVerse team has the strength to create multi-genre games with more fun, stronger social attributes, longer life cycle, and more suitable for players in Web3.0. The CEO of SakuraVerse, Amaji, expressed his delight at being the first to benefit from the $100 Million Creators Fund.

About KuCoin

KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange with its operational headquarters in Seychelles. It has more than 10 million users and offers access to 600+ assets. Additionally, its other products include spot trading, Margin trading, peer-to-peer fiat trading, futures trading and staking.

About SakuraVerse

SakuraVerse is a gaming platform that specializes in developing infrastructure for web3 games. Specifically, it develops and incubates multi-category web3 games with a long life cycle. Its core team consists of professionals with over 20 years of experience in gaming development. Additionally, they come from some of the world’s top game companies. It has a portfolio consisting of various gaming categories, including simulation RPG, SLG, card, and other social games.