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InvestingCube's Premium Forex Trading Course

Learn to trade with our free four-hour premium Forex trading course. Take the course and walk away with two complete forex trading strategies, and advanced money management skills. The course is suitable for beginners and experienced traders that struggle to make consistent money trading the financial markets. Contact us today to gain access to our free trading course.


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What does our free forex trading course cover?

Learn technical analysis, and how traders use it

Learn why technical analysis is the preferred way of retail traders to speculate on the markets, and more importantly, learn how to implement it for proper Forex trading.

Learn how to spot a trend and how to trade it

Everyone knows what a trend is, but few know how to trade it to maximize their returns and minimize their losses. Learn our complete forex trading strategy.

Advanced money management techniques

We demystify the 1.5% max-risk-per-trade concept, and show you why keeping risks low is vital for trading survival.

Simplifying trading with classic chart patterns

Classic trading patterns is also something most investors are well familiar with, but very few know what patterns they should focus on to make money trading, and even less know where to place a good stop.

Who will be your instructor?

Alejandro Zambrano has been trading the Forex and CFD markets since 2006, after working a full-year for a small Swedish Forex broker. After completing a BSc Economics Course, he worked for Sweden’s largest retail bank, Swedbank, at their investment bank division. Following Swedbank, Alex completed an MSc Economics in London and started to work for the world’s biggest retail forex broker FXCM. He stayed at FXCM for many years before moving on, helping traders and brokers achieve their targets.

Alex’s unique skill set, and wealth of practical and real trading experience, allows him to help traders leapfrog others, as he has experienced all up and downs of forex and CFD trading, before becoming a Forex trader that consistently makes money trading the markets.

If you take InvestingCube’s free forex trading course, you will be able to learn from Alejandro’s experience, without spending the years and money making the same mistakes he did before becoming a good trader.

Alejandro zambrano investingcube

Alejandro Zambrano

InvestingCube’s Chief Market Strategist, and Chief Editor