Fear and Greed Index Rise As Dow Jones Futures Retreat

The Dow Jones futures are down 0.14% at 23,333 while the Fear and Greed is adding one point at 41 today after the April PMI’s crashed in many European countries and the UK. I can say that investors remained pretty calm after the PMI’s and now await the U.S. April PMI, the new homes sales, and the Kansas Fed’s manufacturing survey.

The main event of the day that traders will focus on is the weekly jobless claims. Analysts expect a figure between 5 to 6.3 million new initial jobless claims. Investors will take as a positive sign if the figure comes below the previous figure of 5.245 million. That will be a sign that the situation improves while the reopening can send the jobless claims figures close to normal.

The House of Representatives will sign today the new relief package of about 485 billion that will support the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP). The Nasdaq futures are 0.09% lower at 8,630 while the S&P 500 futures are 0.05% lower at 2,786.

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Fear and Greed Index Rebound Stalls at 45

The fear and greed index managed to rebound from the March lows amid the coronavirus outbreak sell-off. The recent rally in stocks helped the index to reach up to 45 as the risk appetite returned to markets.

The Dow Jones has gained over 25% since the March lows showing that investors are getting less fearful of jumping into the risky markets and getting more greedy.

Today the fear and greed index is at 41 and implies that fear is still in the game. A reading of 50 is neutral while reading the above signals more greed than usual.

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