DOGAMÍ Drops NFTs As Its “Petaverse” Nears Test Phase

Pet-centric NFT game DOGAMÍ has announced a forthcoming release of its Alpha NFT collectibles. The NFTs will be accessible to Tezos (XTZ) holders, who will have the option of unboxing them on March 1st, 2022. The beta version of the game will come out in Q2 of 2022. DOGAMÍ is building the “Petaverse”, a pet-themed equivalent of the metaverse. It is a virtual world where users can experience the excitement of living with one’s pets while enjoying fun interactions and exploring with them.

Currently, DOGAMÍ has more than 300 breeds of 3D dogs, each with unique traits and characteristics. Users can interact with their pets in this metaverse and train them, develop traits and take on challenges. Also, users earn $DOGA, the in-game tokens used to reward users when they complete tasks/challenges.

The game continues to attract users and currently has more than 80,000 members. About 28% of these have created Discord accounts for the sole purpose of accessing DOGAMÍ. Additionally, 10%-20% of these discord accounts experience constant activity. Furthermore, the game recently had an airdrop where it out gave Doga Bones, an in-game asset in the DOGAMÍ Petaverse.

The airdrop attracted over 27,000 entries, underlining the game’s rising popularity. Also, the airdrop became topped the Hot Collection ranking on Objkt, becoming the first airdrop to do so. Doga Bones start at 15.99 XTZs and have a total supply of 47,100 XTZs. Once it becomes fully operational, DOGAMÍ will introduce farming and staking.


Founded in mid-2021, DOGAMÍ is an interactive pet-themed metaverse with Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities and a mobile device version. Its developers are industry experts, some of whom have previous working experience with Sony Pictures, Ubisoft, Wamiz, and BCG. The game attracted $6 million in VC funding in late 2021, led by Ubisoft, Animoca Brands and some of the co-founders of The Sandbox.

The game operates on the Tezos blockchain, and users need at least 8,000 NFTs to participate in the DOGAMÍ metaverse. Currently, each NFT goes for 50 XTZs. Furthermore, users need non-custodial NFT wallets to buy the NFTs. The game has a strong user community, consisting of more than 80,000 members.