Crypto Wallet Provider NGRAVE raises $6M Via Seed Round

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NGRAVE a Belgian-based ‘Coldest’ Cryptocurrency platform that offers hardware wallets just finished the first fundraiser that saw $6 million raised. The project has attracted interest from established Web3  and DeFi investors including Morningstar Ventures, Woodstock Fund, Mapleblock Capital, Spark Digital Capital, DFG Group, Moonrock Capital and some crypto C-level angel inventors.

NGRAVE claims to be one of the most secure financial products and have the EAL7 security certification, making it more secure than crypto custody solutions or banks. This includes Trezor which is not EAL7 security certified and EAL5+. 

NGRAVE emerged winners in the 2021 Crypto wallet awards. 

NGRAVE successfully launched a crypto wallet pre-order promotion on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo that saw the company raise $450,000 from supporters who received their orders.

The 6 Million raised will enable NGRAVE to hire more talent and increase its global presence. Due to the high demand of the product, it is currently sold out and interested parties are advised to sign a waitlist to secure their spot. In the near future, another funding round will be conducted by the company to enable them to keep innovating.

NGRAVE’s “Coldest Wallet” has been sold across 90 countries, confirming global demand for more secure crypto storage solutions. by setting up hubs worldwide, NGRAVE will solidify its global brand and presence by setting up hubs worldwide. The company was founded in mid-2018 and survived the crypto winter up to 2020 when cryptos once again gained popularity. NGRAVE intends to run several experiments to achieve its vision of creating a full-scale crypto ecosystem.

Ruben Merre, NGRAVE’s CEO and Co-founder, added: “Having experienced crypto hacks ourselves, we made it our mission to provide the crypto community the security comfort it deserves. That’s why we innovated to the extreme on both security and user experience. This seed round represents the kickstart for our exponential growth stage, and with the backing of several strategic investors, we are confident that 2022 will be a breakthrough year for NGRAVE.”

Himanshu Yadav, Woodstock Fund’s Founding Partner, commented: “When you bring the world’s best entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, and business experts together to solve a crucial problem in the digital assets space, you create the most secure product for millions of users and thousands of enterprises. That is what NGRAVE is all about and why it is a no-brainer investment for us.”