Crypterium Price Prediction: Why CRPT is Likely to Recover

Crypterium price has dropped by more than six per cent in today’s trading session. This is a reversal from yesterday’s markets which saw a gain of 127 per cent. The drop in price of Crypterium comes amidst a string of positive news, including the listing of the crypto in the Coinbase platform. The listing is expected to boost Crypterium.

It will also help the cryptocurrency gain traction, with new users having an opportunity to buy and sell it. At its core, it is also one of the best cryptocurrencies to use in the real world, allowing you to pay for mundane items such as phone top-ups. Although currently not impacting the markets, this positive news is likely to see the cryptocurrency rise in the coming days.

Crypterium Price Prediction

In yesterday’s trading session, Crypterium prices jumped by more than 260 percentage points before starting to drop. The prices were able to hit the $1 mark during the session peak. However, by the end of the trading session, the prices had retreated and closed the market at $0.65.

Today’s Crypterium prices opened the markets with a strong push to the upside. However, the prices have since six per cent dropped below the session’s open price. Today, the cryptocurrency is trading at $0.61. Luckily, the price action of the last two days can offer insight into where you should expect the cryptocurrency to trade in the coming days.

There is a high likelihood that the current drop is market corrections for the big surge yesterday. Also, having set a new high-level yesterday, prices are likely to retest the resistance before dropping further. With these two factors in mind, my Crepterium price prediction indicates the current drop is temporary.

I expect the prices to recover. I also expect that in the coming days, the prices of Crypterium will rise again and retest the $1 resistance level. However, trading after a huge surge is always risky, and hence there is a possibility that the drop is an actual bearish move.

Crypteriem Daily Chart