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Craft Beer And Crypto, An Irresistible Combo Offered By Boozemoon

With the advancements in the crypto sector, more and more businesses are trying to create a bridge between the world of crypto and traditional products and services.

BoozeMoon is bringing a craft beer experience with a crypto token twist. The company has established a partnership with a craft beer brewery in Germany, and token holders will be able to buy the special beer called “MoonBooze” with the token. The complete project will be built on Binance’s Smart Chain (BSC).

BOOZE, the token of BoozeMoon, is an auto-staking and auto-liquidity token with a few exciting offers in exchange for the 5% transaction tax that it charges. Auto-staking becomes possible via allocating 1,65% of every transaction towards BOOZE holders, with earnings determined by the number of tokens each user has. The auto-staking feature means that the amount of BOOZE in each wallet would continually increase as long as people transact with Booze. 

An additional 2% of the transaction tax would go towards a liquidity pool by converting BOOZE to BNB LP tokens, which adds to the liquidity pool on the BSC-based PancakeSwap decentralized exchange.

The last 1.35% portion of the 5% transaction tax would act as a burning mechanism, which will reduce the one quadrillion initial token supply. The circulating supply reduces by 1.35% of the transacted amount every time users transact BOOZE. 

Also, the token is non-mintable; there will be no more minting of the tokens, ensuring that the token supply will diminish over time.

Despite looking intimidating at first, one quadrillion tokens turn out to be not so large a number, as 385 trillion BOOZE are set for burning, while the pre-sale round would offer just 250 trillion tokens. 230 trillion additional tokens go into providing liquidity on PancakeSwap. 

To promote the project, the team behind BoozeMoon has reserved 45 trillion BOOZE tokens, while developer funds and marketing and pre-sale expenses consumed around 90 trillion BOOZE tokens.

Currently, BoozeMoon has completed several steps in its roadmap, including a smart contract audit and a new website. However, in the roadmap, there are still some interesting features to be deployed,  including a token launch on PancakeSwap and pre-sale launch on DxSale. Other roadmap activities include launching Twitter and Reddit campaigns and applications for a token listing on some of the world’s largest digital asset platforms, such as Coingecko and Blockfolio.

The beer will follow, with the team developing the branding for the beverage. The team is also preparing community voting, as well as launching a merch store. In the store, users can buy beer, as well as the first beer-related NFT. Following the roadmap events, BoozeMoon is expected to begin selling beer and other branded beverages via BOOZE tokens by the end of 2021.

The number of holders has increased exponentially since the project launched on Sunday. May 9, 2021, with a little over 2,400 users holding the token on May 19. Transactions had reached 6,600.

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