Calo Metaverse Launches First Burn-to-Earn Project

The Calo Metaverse team has announced that their second venture will be the groundbreaking Calo Indoor, the first app of its kind to implement a Burn-to-Earn (B2E) incentive system. In early 2022, web3 was all about the Move-to-Earn (M2E) trend, and now its successor, Burn-to-Earn, has emerged. Akin to how M2E encourages people to participate in outside physical activities, B2E does the same but in the context of indoor workouts.

Calo Indoor in healthy living and Carlo Metaverse

Calo Indoor responds to a rising need for easy-to-implement workouts that may be done without expensive or specialized tools. It’s a mobile app for smartphones and tablets that provides users with augmented reality games to play while working out at home. In order for players to begin training, they must first equip a pair of virtual NFT sneakers. Furthermore the sneakers must suit the particular type of exercise they will be performing.

By maintaining an active lifestyle, players can earn in-game currency and other useful rewards. Examples include IFIT tokens, Calo tokens, and other items. With the help of augmented reality (AR) technology, the user experience becomes more exciting and interactive by offering points and badges for specific actions. Across the board, interest in blockchain initiatives with a focus on healthcare is growing. MetaGym, Sweatcoin and Dotmoovs are just a few of the fitness tracker apps that offer token rewards for users who log workouts. This provides a powerful incentive to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Calo Metaverse integrates blockchain technology and metaverse concepts into health and entertainment offerings. Its ultimate goal is improving users’ quality of life. The CaloVerse is the ecosystem that makes up the Calo Metaverse, and it focuses on physical activity and healthy living. The CaloVerse is home to multiple initiatives, including Calo Run and Calo Indoor. Calo Indoor is especially helpful for city dwellers who. Because of weather or other factors this group of users often would rather exercise indoors than go on a run.