Sweat Crypto Price Prediction: Sweatcoin Nears its Launch Date

Sweatcoin is expected to be launched on September 12. The launch will see current holders of Sweatcoin awarded with Sweat crypto tokens, which they can use to trade or exchange with other cryptocurrencies.

Since its launch, Sweatcoin has become one of the largest move-to-earn platforms, allowing users to get awarded every time they run or exercise. Today, the platform boasts of having more than 100 million active users. The platform also boasts of its ability to attract investors’ money, with the latest round of fundraising resulting in $13 million of investments on the platform. 

Sweatcoin Web3 Fitness Token

Since its launch, Sweatcoin has operated as a web two move-to-earn platform. However, their latest move to partner with DAO Maker will see the platform transition to Web3 technology. According to reports, the migration will see users of the platform being able to take their earnings and use them across blockchain projects by making the Sweat token blockchain operable.

After migration, the token will also remain compatible with ERC-20 (Ethereum)  and NEP-141(NEAR) protocols. The partnership will see the Sweatcoin platform receiving funding and partnership from a pool of more than 500,000 DAO Maker users. It will also help accelerate its September 12 launch and help in the project’s pursuit of success. 

Sweatcoin Price Prediction

Despite its recent moves, Sweatcoin is still not available in exchanges. Therefore, tokens earned are only awarded on the platform. However, the September 12 launch will see the crypto become available for users to trade. 

At press time, the Sweatcoin is worthless. However, we can speculate what it will be trading at once launched. In my opinion, the opening price of Sweatcoin will be below the $0.001 price level. Part of the reason is because of the current supply of the Sweatcoin crypto, which will see its prices starting at a low price. With the platform boasting over 100 million, with most having earned the crypto, it is safe to assume these owners will be looking to cash out on their holding, which will see Sweatcoin prices going down once launched.