Bullish Walmart Stock Price Forecasts Depend on Break of $129 Neckline

The Walmart stock price fell 1.21% on Wednesday after investors put the stock on offer. The retail sector in many countries is still in crisis mode due to the inflationary pressures on consumer pockets. 

Industry executives are currently meeting at the global summit of the Consumer Goods Forum in Dublin, predicting that consumer spending habits will remain unpredictable in the foreseeable future as central banks struggle to reign in inflation which is at multi-decade highs in several countries. 

A recent update from world-renowned global logistics company Maersk indicates that shipping costs are up by almost 30% and are unlikely to drop in the short term. For companies like Walmart that depend on Maersk’s global logistics network for the supply of its goods, this translates to customers adjusting to higher prices, which could lead to product substitutions and changes in shopping spending to match the new realities.

Technically, the drop in the Walmart stock price followed the failure of the bulls to crack a critical resistance at 122.62. As a result, the Walmart stock price is down 1.21% in premarket trading.

Walmart Stock Price Prediction

The bounce of 16 June on the 118.05 support level has taken the pair towards the 122.62 resistance, which is now mounting a challenge. A successful break of this level allows the stock to head toward the next resistance target at 126.36 (4 March 2021 low). Above this level, 129.96 (18 March 2021 low and 31 May 2022 high) form the potential neckline for the evolving double bottom. A successful break of this neckline creates 

a measured move opportunity, with 141.97 set to become the completion point of this move. Attainment of this move requires a break of 132.63 (11 August 2020 high and 17 February 2022 low), 135.83 (8 December 2021 low in role reversal) and 138.63 (22 December 2021 and 10 March 2022 lows).

On the flip side, the bears will regain control if rejection and pullback move from 122.62 breaks down the support at 118.05. This scenario will see 115.15 become the next target, being the site of previous lows on 16 September 2019 and 11 February 2020. Additional targets to the south include 109.00 (27 March 2020 low) and 105.22 (28 February 2020 low).

Walmart: Daily Chart