Bosonic Integrates DMG Into Its DeFi Market Infrastructure Network

Bosonic, a dFMI (decentralized Financial Market Infrastructure) company, has announced today that it has onboarded DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. DMG is a cryptocurrency technology firm that specializes in vertically integrated blockchain development. As a result of the move, DMG is now conducting business on the Bosonic network. This development follows DMG’s recent announcement that it would be releasing Terra Pool to the public for Bitcoin mining and announcing the creation of a marketplace for funds to access its green Bitcoin.

Why the partnership is a game changer for Bosonic

The Bosonic Network eliminates middlemen by linking DMG’s custodians directly with institutional buyers. It also provides an efficient clearing and settlement system for the trading of digital assets in real-time. In the past few months, DMG has put the exchange through its paces by selling BTC worth over $2,000,000. They have reported satisfaction with the outcome. Beyond this, Bosonic’s commitment to ESG and sustainability is proven by the company’s provision of carbon-neutral mined Bitcoin to its institutional clients.

DMG can now convert its Bitcoin holdings into fiat currency at a lower cost and risk than traditional exchanges, thanks to Bosonic’s dFMI technology. In addition, thanks to the partnership, all Terra Pool members will soon have access to Bosonic’s dFMI technology. Bosonic’s high capacity is a direct result of the incorporation of DMG Blockchain Solutions. Limit orders for purchase and sale transactions, along with the ability to trade across custodians and settle transactions from the user’s own custodial accounts, are all examples of such features.

Other features include low costs relative to standard OTC desks, instant settlement for all buy/sell transactions, and lightning-fast BTC/fiat transfers. Additionally, users’ Bitcoin is safer because it never leaves their possession in a traditional “exchange wallet.” In addition, instead of relying on intermediaries to quote and re-quote prices, the platform now allows traders to keep tabs on the bid-ask spread from a pool of streaming liquidity provided by the leading exchanges and market makers.