Elliott Laybourne
Elliott Laybourne
Elliott Laybourne is an accomplished Hedge Fund sales and Investment bank trading specialist. Elliott also started a successful Base Metals Brokerage business in partnership with ABN AMRO clearing bank. He worked on the open outcry trading floors at the London International Financial Futures Exchange 'LIFFE' and the London Metal Exchange 'LME.' He also provided research and execution services for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Schroders Asset Management, and Pennsylvania State Public School Employees Retirement System, as amongst others. Today, he focuses on providing trading consultancy and business development services for family office and brokerage clientele.

Dogecoin Price Eases As Saturday Night Fever Cools

The gravity-defying Dogecoin price rally has paused ahead of Elon Musk’s hotly-anticipated appearance on Saturday Night Live tomorrow. If you had told me at the start of the year that the meme coin, named after an internet-famous dog, would rally 18,000%, I would have suggested you see a doctor. Well, […]

Apple Share Price: From Market Leader To Market Laggard

The Apple share price has struggled recently and currently trades at $128.10, -12% off its 2021 high, v.s the Nasdaq’s -4% decline. Once the tech index darling, Apple (AAPL) has underperformed the Nasdaq since the start of 2021. The recent retreat from its highs has pushed the price underwater on the […]


AUDUSD Dips, Then Rips As China Relations Sour

The AUDUSD pair spiked sharply lower overnight as China announced plans to “Indefinitely” suspend economic dialogue with Australia. The news sent the AUDUSD rate plunging in the Asian session to a low of $0.771. Only the support of both the 50-Day and 100-Day Moving Averages ($0.7706 and $0.7704 respectively) stemmed […]