Anubi Capital Partners with Celsius to Access Its Asset Pool

Italy’s first institution-scale DeFi solutions provider, Anubi Digital, has teamed with Celsius to bring more digital assets services to Anubi’s users. The move is likely to elevate Anubi Digital’s standing in the digital assets market,. This is true, considering Celsius’ status as one of the leading cryptocurrency services platforms in the world. Specifically, Anubi will have the capacity to screen the origin and nature of digital assets brought in by its users. Consequently, this will enable it to ensure compliance with regulations and high-grade security for assets held.

For Celsius, the partnership presents an opportunity to expand its reach. Therefore, this is important in its mission to increase crypto access among the masses. Diego D’Aquilio, CEO and Co-Founder of Anubi Digital, expressed his delight at the partnership between the two companies. He added, “After being the first player to bring institutional DeFi to Italy, giving our clients the opportunity to enter the crypto vertical, this new partnership with Celsius allows us to offer best-in-class CeFi solutions to the market”.

Celsius CEO, Alex Mashinsky, lauded the partnership, stating that it would help Celsius bring financial freedom to the masses. Also, he expressed his admiration of Anubi Digital’s service offerings. Specifically, he highlighted Anubi’s ability to provide digital assets management solutions for high net worth individuals and integrate them with best-in-class crypto services.

About Anubi Digital

Anubi Digital is a digital assets platform offering passive custody of various assets, including NFTs. Founded by Fedorico Nitidi and Diego D’Aquili in 2020, it is the first company in Italy to provide institutionalized exposure to the DeFi market. 

About Celsius

With over $20 billion worth of digital assets under management, Celsius is among the global leaders in crypto services offerings. Celsius is built on blockchain, and its fee-free nature makes it an attractive platform for users seeking curated financial services. For instance, it offers compounded yields and instant lo-coast loans to over 1 million users.