Abu Dhabi GP: Red Bull to Showcase NFT on Formula One Cars

The Formula One season will come to a close in Abu Dhabi, and the Oracle Red Bull Racing, its Principal Team Partner Bybit, and Azuki’s developer Chiru Labs will make history by engraving a blue chip NFT onto the team’s cars. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will each have the NFT, Lei the Lightning Azuki, riding shotgun as they try to win the season’s final race. This is the first time a major NFT will feature on a Formula 1 race car or even enter a race.

Lightning Azuki Lei’s Special Role in Formula One

Lei, the Lightning Azuki, is based on the original Azuki #8494 from the NFT collection, which was influenced by anime. It depicts the merging of two different worlds, the physical and the virtual. It also emphasizes the different experiences and perspectives of the collaborators: Chiru Labs, the creator of Azuki, and Bybit, a top cryptocurrency exchange and entry point to web3. The partners are working together to develop innovative, decentralized companies at the confluence of art, technology, and culture.

Fans will get their hands on a special edition of the Lightning Azuki, Lei, to celebrate the Teams’ historic season and one-of-a-kind event. On Tezos, #8494 NFTs will be minted and given away for free to the first people who claim them. The Oracle Red Bull Racing team believes that this one-of-a-kind endeavour perfectly exemplifies the team’s guiding principles on the track: creativity, innovation, and passion.

In the Azuki universe, Lei the Lightning Azuki is a fearless and tenacious racer. Once Lei travels to the mystical land known as The Garden, he gets the ability to use lightning to boost his strength and speed. Those interested in purchasing NFTs and digital artwork based on the Lei the Lightning franchise can do so in the Bybit NFT marketplace. Fans who sign up for the site will stand a chance to receive a unique Azuki NFT as a reward for their participation.