Yuse Protocol Launches Own Wallet, Plans Increased Use for YUSE Token

Yuse protocol, an ecosystem of digital products running on blockchain technology, has introduced its non-custodial wallet, which can store its native token. Starting on May 19, members of the Yuse community can keep their YUSE tokens in a secure and decentralized manner. Also, s taking $YUSE will also allow users to receive rewards, and the wallet’s built-in exchange will allow them to conduct trades.

Why the YUSE wallet matters

Launching the wallet comes at a time when Yuse is growing its product and service line. The Yuse university is one of its upcoming platforms, and it will be one of many. It will be a n educational program that leverages blockchain technology to keep track of user progress. Because of its gamified educational content and awards, students at Yuse University can expect a strong motivation to learn. With the help of these grants, students at the University will be able to take advantage of several educational opportunities.

Yuse is a whole ecosystem that allows users to earn rewards by playing games, studying, interacting, generating and consuming content.  Circle is another dApp in the pipeline by the company. Chatting or filling out one’s profile are just two of the easy tasks that Circle pays users for. User participation earns monetary rewards, with YUSE tokens for generating, distributing and consuming content. In order to ensure the safety of user data, the platform platform will store it on the blockchain. As a result, it will be less likely that user data will be at risk.

Two further applications, namely FUNTasy and YUPLAY are in development and will be ready for release in the near future. If things go as planned, the YUSE team plans to develop its own, highly scalable blockchain and move from BSC. Additionally, it plans to integrate an NFT marketplace into its ecosystem. Every product and service will be around the YUSE coin, making the wallet release a significant milestone.