Young Platform Launches in France with Eyes on the EU

After receiving a license to operate from the French financial markets authorities, the Italian cryptocurrency trading and education platform Young Platform has debuted in France. The move is big news for the company and marks a big step following a €16 million fundraising headed by Italian asset management Azimut last June. United Ventures, Ithaca Investments, Accel scout Luca Ascani, Max Ciociola, and Pietro Invernizzi are the other major investors in the company.

European expansion, incentivized learning and more

Young Platform is an educational platform that doubles as a cryptocurrency exchange, where users may buy and sell cryptocurrency and practice their trading skills. The analytics-driven digital asset wallet provides users with the ability to preserve their most successful exchange pair combinations and access them at a later time. On the Pro platform, users pay no fees when trading.

For those who are just getting started in the cryptocurrency market, Young Platform offers a secure environment to learn about crypto and practice trading at least 35 of the most popular tokens. With the formal launch in France, the company now has a footing in one of the most developed cryptocurrency trading ecosystems in the European Union.

After about five years, the company says that it is ready for operational expansion across Europe. The CEO of Young Platform, Andrea Ferrero, believes that the company’s recent expansion into Europe is a huge step forward for the company and a great chance for everyone interested in the cryptocurrency market to leverage the Platform’s cutting-edge services.

Young Platform is on a mission to make sophisticated concepts simplified by a small team of brilliant developers available to the widest possible audience. Upon making a minimum deposit of €20, new traders can have access to the exchange’s gamified academy. The academy features digital products, services, and content that introduce important trading concepts and adjust to the user’s skill level.

In addition, there is a play-to-earn feature on the Step platform where users can earn $YNG tokens by completing certain tasks. Users are incentivized to continue their education and improve their trading prowess through the Step platform’s quizzes and other competitive challenges. To encourage learning, the Young Platform Step rewards its users with $YNG for each milestone they reach.