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Xternity Review: A Simple Onboarding System for Web3 Adoption 

The media is ablaze with news about Web 3, with more information coming out every day about its arrival, proliferation throughout society, and vast utility. Yet, very few companies are actually making the leap. Without core industry leaders transitioning into Web 3, the industry still seems to be lagging behind where it should be.

One of the main factors for this lack of adoption has been how complicated the Web 3 space looks to those not involved in its technology. While some blockchain ecosystems are easier to integrate into, they suffer from a lack of scalability or have major security vulnerabilities which make them undesirable.

Without a clear pathway that bridges between Web 2 and Web 3, the industry is becoming stagnant. Xternity set out to remedy this issue, helping to increase the adoption of Web 3 for brands and businesses. While providing flawless utility for the user, Xternity allows businesses to access Web 3 in an efficient, sustainable, and simple manner.

Let’s explore Xternity, demonstrating how this cutting-edge Web 3 technology is helping businesses across the world make the leap to this new iteration of the internet. 

Introduction to Xternity

Xternity has the goal of forming a comprehensive Web 3 architecture that allows brands to place community engagement at the heart of their offerings. While Web 2 was built for consumerism and sales, Web 3 will be driven by user experiences. Xternity fosters that dream, providing companies with next-gen engagement tools to help them rapidly build up communities in this new digital space.

Instead of a complicated overhead or extended process of fashioning a Web 3 system, Xternity streamlines the process. Brands are able to access an end-to-end Web 3 solution, creating a diverse blockchain-based system with just one click.

Xternity helps brands adapt to Web 3, instantly being able to bridge into this new system. Businesses can construct unique environments for their communities, using a range of intuitive builder tools and solutions to leverage their user base.

In short, Xternity is a one-size-fits-all solution that lets companies access the true growth potential of Web 3, monetizing and boosting engagement within their communities.

How Did Xternity Come to Be?

Xternity was founded in 2022, located at the intersection of the tech and gaming industries. Its founders, Sagi Maman and Shahar Asher, both came from the world of technology, seeing how communities could be the make-or-break difference between a system that thrived and one that failed to reach its potential.

To Xternity, Web 3 was always going to be a disruptive technology. The potential it had to change how entire communities interacted signalled its rise into the cultural mainstream. With the additional context of the pressures that the pandemic created and the rise of Gen-Z, Web 2 was no longer satisfying global demand.

Xternity was created to solve what Web 2 failed – a comprehensive system where users could build next-generation tools and products. As the Metaverse and surrounding Web 3 technologies continue to strengthen, Xternity has positioned itself as a market leader that helps build the decentralized community of tomorrow.

What Problem Does Xternity Solve?

Web 3 adoption has notoriously been a slow process. Over the past few years, strides have been made in this industry. Yet, mainstream companies are still slow to adopt, preferring to wait until the Web 3 architecture is more stable. This is also the case for individual users, with many not understanding how to branch into this new system.

Xternity makes the process as easy as possible. Businesses don’t have to go through the long process of hiring blockchain developers to code a customized environment for them. Instead, with just one click, brands can get a comprehensive Web 3 solution, with Xternity making building intuitive and automatic.

Beyond just allowing companies to bridge into this world, Xterity offers a range of Web 3-specific features that help brands increase engagement. From digital wallets to NFT stores and collections, you can directly market to your audience and build your relationship with them.

For users, it’s never been easier to enter this digital space. Instead of creating an external digital wallet and then bridging it to an ecosystem, users simply need to direct themselves to the online portal of the company they want to access. From there, Xternity ensures that everything is on track and accessible to everyone.

Key Features of Xternity

Brands that work with Xternity are able to break into Web 3 and then push into community engagement, leveraging a world-class method of driving success.

Simplifying bridging to Web 3 and supercharging adoption, Xternity acts as a comprehensive solution to the blockchain onboarding problem.

Of course, in order to enable this system to flourish without brands having to code for themselves, Xternity relies on a range of useful features to streamline their adoption. By providing innovative features, Xternity helps to support the daily actions of every business that is connected to its ecosystem.

In order to help businesses and individuals onboard themselves into this world, Xternity offers the following features:

  • Embedded Wallet
  • Next Generation 
  • Custom NFT Stores
  • Simple Integration

Let’s break these down further.

Embedded Wallet

One of the main complexities of the Web 3 ecosystem for those that are not familiar with blockchain is the process of creating and then using a digital wallet. Without an easy method of doing this, many people stumble at the first hurdle and fail to progress further into this ecosystem.

Xternity allows both individuals and businesses to overcome this problem, providing embedded wallets into each new ecosystem. When a new company bridges into Web 3, they’re able to create branded wallet accounts, giving its community access to an on-chain money storage system.

Each wallet system can be customized to reflect the brand itself, giving a truly flexible experience.

Community-First Building

Brands are able to actively monitor and increase community engagement with a variety of distinct features. 

  • Special Events – Businesses can scale their economies by hosting events for their communities to get involved in. These opportunities will synergize interest and help create memorable experiences.
  • Private Sales – Businesses can run private events like sales for their users, helping to create on-chain rewards systems.
  • Perks – Users are able to gain access to unique perks by getting involved in the community.
  • Transparent Connections – Businesses are able to directly talk to and manage their community, helping to radically increase connections and drive community engagement.

These are only a small fragment of all of the community-first features that Xternity offers. No matter the field of business that a company operates in, Xternity has a system that everyone can enjoy.

Custom NFT Stores

Within Xternity, businesses are able to create branded NFT stores. Within these customized stores, people can buy, sell, exchange, and earn unique NFTs. Using integration with any payment system that the company likes, this freedom will radically shift the face of community participation.

For those businesses with the largest community following, a unique business-made location for exchange will create another point of income for brands. Equally, the ability to buy NFTs, watch as they go up in value, and then sell them again will create a new way for a community to interact with a brand.

Using a central core for Web 3 assets, every single company can create a hub for their community to interact with. 

Simple Integration

Businesses that are looking to break into the digital space of Web 3 can do so without subject expertise. Xternity strives for simple adoption, allowing businesses to integrate with their ecosystem using only a single line of code.

With this easy pathway for adoption, businesses can focus on making user-experiences as effective as possible instead of spending time coding new aspects of their ecosystem. It could not be easier for businesses to get started with Xternity.

Final Thoughts

Web 3 adoption will continue in its stagnant manner unless innovative solutions help to simplify the process of onboarding customers and new brands. Xternity acts as the perfect application of blockchain technology to facilitate this process.

For brands, Xternity allows them to rapidly onboard to Web 3, making use of the comprehensive ecosystem they have available for building. For individuals, the ability to enter into this system without the need to overcome some large knowledge barrier streamlines adoption.

Providing access to Web 3 for both companies and individuals, Xternity is an all-in-one solution for all. With their impressive impact on the blockchain industry in such a short amount of time, we cannot wait to see just how far they go in 2023.