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Volare Network to Start Selling Its VOLR Token in September

Volare, a web 3.0 platform for developers and gamers, has said in an announcement released today that the VOLR token public auction would begin at 00:00 UTC on September 27. On the Volare Network, the VOLR token’s applications include reserving services, determining the worth of such services, and rewarding the activity of validator nodes.

What to expect from Volare with VOLR out

At the DEX, Game Center, and Launchpad, the VOLR token will serve as the primary network currency, easily convertible into other service tokens. The ultimate objective of Volare is to create a thriving environment for blockchain-based gaming on the network by the use of the Volare token. EQBR Holdings’ Equilibrium blockchain engine will power all this due to its lightning-fast performance and unlimited scalability.

Access to Launchpad is only available to those with Ethers in an amount equal to the value of the VOLRs. Therefore, that means that everyone who wants to apply for the subscription of VOLRs must have such ETHs in advance. Once an ETH transfer is validated on the Ethereum mainnet, the value of the ETHs is set to the Ether price listed on CoinMarketCap at that moment in time.

The most common applications for VOLRs include making deposits, paying service fees to operators, playing games, purchasing in-game things, donating to charity, and other similar activities. The transfer of ether from applicants to the foundation must take place through a Metamask wallet rather than a Whisper MSG.

By taking advantage of the many tools that are available to them within the network, Volare Network developers get the opportunity to rapidly create and distribute a wide variety of entertaining material, including video games. This is key to attracting developers to the platform. The platform’s goal is to incorporate gaming into the emerging Play-to-Rank (P2R) and Play-to-Earn (P2E) movement.