Unizen Exchange Announces Listing of ZCX Token

The Unizen exchange has announced that ZCX/USDT trading pair will be available on the exchange as of next week. Also, more currency pairs will be added in the coming weeks, as the company strives to broaden its user base’s trading options. As a result, ZCX token price changes will benefit all ZCX token holders. ZCX is an ERC-20 coin that serves as an exchange-based utility token. Also, Unizen uses it as its native utility token. As a result, the listing marks an important milestone in the development of Unizen’s ecosystems.

“We would like to thank the community for their patience, as we have worked to ensure the foundations of the Unizen ecosystem are robust and provide for a seamless user experience to our entire community,” Unizen said in a statement.

Holders of ZCX can participate in platform’s decentralized governance process by casting a vote on important community issues. This is similar to how BNB holders can do with Binance.  Furthermore, t raders who have ZCX can also leverage lower trading fees. In addition, holders can stake ZCX in order to win rewards in a number of different tokens. Aside from these perks, ZCX stakeholder receive “tickets” that let them to participate in ZenX Labs’ new projects, as well.

As new partner projects and Tournament of the Alt contest winners clear Unizen’s regulatory requirements, users may expect to see further trading pair listings added to the exchange in the next weeks and months.

Smart exchange platform Unizen aims to connect many centralized exchanges with hundreds of decentralized financial applications. Faster transaction times and less slippage are two of the many benefits traders can enjoy due to the “CeDeFi” (centralized decentralized finance) concept Unizen employs.