Uniglo Price Prediction: What is GLO and Will it be a Good Buy?

Uniglo has come into the spotlight in the past few months as the hype surrounding the new coin increases. As a result, it has become one of the most popular new cryptocurrencies of 2022 even though it cannot be traded yet. In this Uniglo price prediction, we will explain what the coin is and whether it will be a good buy. 

What is Uniglo? 

Uniglo is an upcoming cryptocurrency that hopes to become a leading player in the industry. According to its white paper, it will be social currency that is backed by digital tangible assets, digital currencies, and rare Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

The Treasury will hold a basket of stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies and other assets in a bid to ensure stability of the token. It will also embrace the concept of burning, in which it will burn about 2% of the token for every buy and sell of Ujiglo. It will also use its treasury to buy Uniglo tokens and buy them. 

According to the developers, there will be more than 218.7 million GLO tokens. These coins will be fully backed by a basket of everything from cryptocurrencies and real-world assets. 

Uniglo price prediction 

Uniglo is yet to be launched. However, the developers have gone a long way in its road map. They have already had the first and second presales and are now running the third one. On its website, the developers are aiming to raise 77.58 million GLOs and have raised 16.26 million GLOs.

This phase will be followed by the fourth community presale, which will end in November. It will then be followed by the launch of GLO coin. 

So, will Uniglo be a good buy? At this stage, it’s hard to know whether GLO will be a good buy when it goes public. For one, it seems like the community sale is not going up to plan. Also, other most recently launched coins like Sweat Economy, ApeCoin, and Optimism have not performed well.