Understanding the Unizen Trade Aggregator

It is almost a month since the Unizen’s Trade Aggregator V1 was launched after being in the works for more than two years. The project, which enables a Web3 interface for the cross-chain universe and makes digital assets easily accessible to everyone, laid the foundation of the Trade Aggregator’s core mechanics, such as giving access to thousands of digital assets across seven blockchains and 70 DEXs. This is achieved through a single, easy-to-use interface that is easily recognizable by many users. 

The launch marked a milestone not only for the Unizen and its community but also for Web3 technology. With the Unizen Trade Aggregator V1, users will use a true, cross-chain-enabled, decentralized exchange to find the most cost-efficient trades. It will also have support for thousands of digital assets. Below are other features that users are able to enjoy with the new Trade Aggregator:-

  1. Users will no longer be required to hop between Dex’s to access certain assets.
  2. Blockchain bridges have also become redundant for users looking to move their funds between networks.
  3. Phishing attacks have become a thing of the past with the new, improved platform.
  4. Users of the platform will not need to look elsewhere for more information about tokens. 

As promised during the launch, the Unizen Trade Aggregator’s development has continued to be a work in progress. They have continued to provide avenues where users can report issues and bugs they encounter when using the system. Being the first version of the platform has also meant that most users have found the platform’s FAQ useful when navigating the site for the first time. Unizen will also continue to introduce new features 

As promised during the launch, Unizen has continued adding data sources, liquidity pools and supported assets. They have also highlighted plans to introduce trade splitting across liquidity pools and blockchains, CEX aggregation, stop-loss, custom liquidity pools, professional technical analysis tools, e.t.c. As the sole custodian of the Trade Aggregator, Unizen has also expressed optimism that they will be able to leverage the swapping functionalities seamlessly across the entire ecosystem, thereby improving the platform.