Trust Machines Hires New Strategy and Communication Leads

Bitcoin-centric startup, Trust Machines, which is building a platform for expanding Bitcoin use cases, has appointed Rena Shah and Aubrey Strobel to occupy two strategic positions. 

Strobel joins from Bitcoin rewards platform Lolli, where he served as the Head of communication. On the other hand, Shah comes from Binance US, where she was the Head of Exchange. Following their appointment, Aubrey becomes Trust Machines’ marketing and communications advisor, while Shah is the new Head of Strategy and Operations.

The appointments signal Trust Machines’ dedication to accelerating growth. Rena will help promote the company’s mission as it seeks to be the the platform of choice for launching Bitcoin apps. Also, it seeks to establish the Bitcoin ecosystem as the leading Launchpad for Web 3 applications. On the other hand, Aubrey will spearhead Trustchain’s communication strategy as it seeks to shift perception of Bitcoin’s use cases. Essentially, Trust Machines wants to provide the platform for promoting Bitcoin as having other use cases beyond value storage.

Trust Machines’ pool of talent

Shah has a proven record of growth acceleration, going by her achievements at Binance.US. Her tenure at the exchange saw daily trading volume grow to exceed $3 billion and its customer numbers reach over three million. Also, she oversaw the evaluation of 50+ crypto assets for listing. Furthermore, she helped launch Binance.US’s liquidity management features and contributed to the exchange’s establishment of virtual headquarters in the Decentraland metaverse.

Shah’s long list of achievements also extends to Apifiny, where she served as Director of Business Development at Apifiny. Also, she led the development of the institution’s strategy and oversaw the establishment of key strategic partnerships. Furthermore, she authored Apinify’s whitepaper for USD Digital stablecoin. She is currently serving as an advisor for Tribe Capital, a $1.5B venture capital fund and Flycoin.

On her appointment, Shah stated, “ I look forward to shifting the mindset that Bitcoin is simply a store of value with the applications we incubate”. On her part, Aubrey Strobel expressed her enthusiasm at working with Trust Machines’ talented team. “I look forward to reframing the Bitcoin narrative while also sharing many great announcements, community events, and developments this year,” she added

Strobel has over six years of experience in strategic communication within the blockchain industry. Her work at Lolli saw the app’s user base in the US grow to hundreds of thousands. Besides Lolli, her previous role was at Coindesk. At Coindesk, she supported and coordinated logistics for the company’s Consensus blockchain industry conference.

About Trust Machines

Trust Machine is a startup on a mission to establish more use cases for the Bitcoin blockchain. Currently, Bitcoin is primarily a store of value, and the company is building a platform that will serve as a Launchpad for Bitcoin-native applications with various use cases. Ultimately, Trust Machines aims to establish Bitcoin as the establishment layer for Web 3 applications.