GBPZAR: South African rand parabolic rally runs out of gas

The pound to rand pair (GBPZAR) pair was little changed for the third straight day as bears started to take profit. The pair is trading at the important resistance level of 21.500, which is the lowest it has been since March 26. South Africa reopens further The pound to rand [...]

GBPZAR: pound to rand rate slides as Brexit talks hit a wall

The pound to rand (GBPZAR) pair dropped today as the market refocused on the slow pace of the ongoing Brexit negotiations. The pair also dropped as the South African rand rose due to the ongoing reopening process. GBPZAR reacts to stalled Brexit talks According to Bloomberg, the third round of [...]

GBPZAR: pound to rand rate whipsaws near 5-year high as PMIs disappoint

The pound to rand (GBPZAR) pair is struggling to find direction close to its all-time level of 25.8365 as the market digests news from the UK and South Africa. The most important news is that South Africa has started to reopen its economy while the lockdown in the UK seems to be continuing.

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Pound to rand exchange rate heads to 22.740 as SA launches stimulus

The pound to rand (GBPZAR) pair dropped slightly as investors reacted to news of a new stimulus package from South Africa. South Africa coronavirus stimulus In a statement yesterday, Cyril Ramaphosa, said that the government would unveil a $26 billion stimulus package to offset the damage caused by the coronavirus [...]