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Amazon Share Price Poised to Reach $3,800 on Continued Stock Market Strength

Amazon share price consolidates in a pennant formation for almost a month now. It rallied to $3,200 before the pennant, and the measured move points to more strength. Amazon is one of the companies that benefited the most from the economic lockdown. Having strong international exposure and delivering goods in...

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Amazon Share Price Keeps Rising – For How Long?

Two days from now, Amazon releases its Q2 2020 earnings, and the market is on a limbo already – Amazon share price trades well above the 3k mark, being one of the key stocks driving Nasdaq 100 higher. In fact, together with Tesla share price, Amazon is responsible for the […]

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Is Amazon A Buy At Record Highs?

Amazon stock ended yesterday 4.35% higher at 2,878.70, making fresh record highs as sales jumping as more and more consumers shift to online shopping. The company is making extra investments to fulfil the rise in online orders while keeping its staff safe. The company said that it would be spending […]