Tezos Foundation Funds Women-Led theVERSEverse Literature-Centric NFT Platform

Women-led NFT gallery, theVERSEverse, has secured its first significant funding from the Tezos Foundation. The grant is part of the Foundation’s commitment to encouraging literary developments in web3. Consequently, the money will support several planned initiatives to enhance awareness of the possibilities for literature on the Tezos blockchain. As a result of receiving this funding, theVERSEverse.com will be able to continue to grow and evolve for Web3.

The gallery, which has relied on Tezos since its inception, is expanding and engaging with the Tezos community. Ultimately, it aims to leverage blockchain technology to empower poets. That will allow them to experiment in new ways and lure mainstream readers to join the metaverse. Since its launch, theVERSEverse has established itself as one of the first literary projects to receive financing for advancements in crypto space.

By using Tezos’s energy-efficient, ultrafast and low-cost transaction ecosystem, theVERSEverse will create new avenues to explore the literary world. Consequently, poets worldwide will be able to experiment with new forms of poetry, thanks to the low transaction gas fees. This will likely enable a wide range of creative possibilities. In a statement, theVERSEverse expressed its gratitude to the Tezos Foundation for coming through at such an ideal time for the literary world to integrate with Web3.

“We are very grateful for the continuous interest from the worldwide Tezos community and are thrilled to receive critical assistance from the Tezos Foundation at this pivotal moment for writers, editors, publishers and readers on the blockchain,” read part of the statement.

About theVERSEverse

Ana Maria Caballero, Kalen Iwamoto, and Sasha Stiles created theVERSEverse, a literary group and cross-chain NFT gallery, in late 2021. In this platform, poems are works of art. Ultimately, it aims to become the metaverse’s premier poetry destination. Aside from that, theVERSEverse is using blockchain technology to empower writers. Consequently, the platform is partnering prominent poets with crypto-native artists to produce media-rich, immersive 1-of-1 NFTs, all of which are pushing the boundaries of poetry in the digital and web3 environments.